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This post is part of our regular Case Study series, where we highlight some of the great people that are a part of Team Endurance Nation. Our members are all ages, all abilities…and they are all awesome! We hope you enjoy learning about us. Feel free to surf the blog and become a team member to explore the Team yourself!

Your Name: Thomas Jones III

Your Age Group: M40-44

City, State, Country: Atlanta, GA, USA

Years of Triathlon: 5

What is Your Team Endurance Nation Age? Year 2

What EN Category Are You? New-Full-bie (to the IM distance!)

What Do You Do in the Real World? General Manager

Your Athletic History Pre-Triathlon: 

I played intramural sports in high school and college. My sports of choice were basketball and tennis. I also threw the discus on the high school track team. As an adult, I played in tennis leagues off and on. I competed in short course triathlon from 2007-2009. Then I stopped for 4 years. During that time, i gained 60+ pounds and got into the worst shape of my life.

Why Did You Choose Endurance Nation?

I found Endurance Nation online. I trained with a local team the first time around in tri. This time, I was looking for a team with great training plans, high accessibility, and a proven track record. I chose EN because it met all these criteria. Both the coaches and the team answered all my questions and provided great advice. In my first few weeks, I was getting more out of the online team than I was from my local team.

Your Results with Endurance Nation:

I joined EN in October 2013. By the end of my first Out Season, I had dropped all the weight. That season, I completed 3 sprints, 2 olympics, and my first half IM that fall in 5:35:xx averaging ~19 MPH for 56 miles. My second season, I completed a 2nd half IM, 3 century rides, and my 1st full IM in Chattanooga in 13:25:xx. That was also my first marathon. It was a great experience. I have full confidence in the great training plans and methodology of EN.

What do you tell folks when they ask you about Endurance Nation?

Better than local teams – proven training plans, expert advice and support from a team of 500 athletes, multiple ways to interact with and get direct feedback from the coaches, fantastic training camps, and outstanding support at key races.

What race(s) are you targeting next?

– Rev3 Knoxville Half – 05/22/16 – Qualify for 2017 Intermediate championships — Oly Races: Chattanooga Waterfront, Capitol of Dreams (Montgomery), Music City Tri (Nashville), Tugaloo (Georgia) My focus this year is to break sub 20 minute 5k and sub 42 minute 10k

** Fun Questions **

If you could invent any piece of triathlon gear, what would it be?

A tri suit that would automatically adjust to each sport and your personal needs – provide automatic cooling, heating, or water resistance for bike and run as needed based on the weather. You would never need to put on or take off additional gear for different weather conditions.

What is the one piece of triathlon gear you swore you’d never get that you now use? 

Expensive pedals

What’s Your Tri Food Preference — Liquid/Gel or Solid/Bar? 

Liquid / Gel


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