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Our annual calendar of events will help you build fitness in fun and challenging ways. 2024 will not disappoint.

After 17 years, it’s clear that our unique methodology practically guarantees that everyday athletes will achieve their personal best!

One of our biggest well-kept secrets?

Strategic boosts in training volume create phenomenal fitness gains — and you won’t have to quit your job and become a recluse.

Here are the opportunities you’ll have this season to plug in and connect with the Team.

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Solo Volume Progression

Four rides from November through February each slightly progressively longer each month. Do as much as you can, chat with us in Discord, and build that bike fitness! See the image for details:

2024 TBD Events

Team Volume Challenges

In preparation for your key race, we need to get you ready to do all the work, at peak fitness, on race day. No small feat! To help, we have a series of volume benchmarking events to help you over a three-month period.

The methodology is simple. We take the target time of your event and train you for it in the early part of the season using COMPRESSION. By forcing you into smaller and smaller time blocks, we challenge your system WITHOUT having to work out at a higher intensity.

For example, if you are a marathon runner looking to run a 4h marathon in a single session, we start with getting four hours of running done in a week. Then four hours in a long weekend. And eventually 4 hours in a fatigued state. If you are targeting an Ironman, then you should target between 12 and 14 hours.

Endurance Nation Training Camps and Events

In addition to the events above, we do have organized camps and events that you can access for additional training and unique experiences.

Mallorca Cycling Camp [April 20 to 27, 2024]

Tuscany Cycling Camp [June 15 to the 22, 2024]


[C] Spring Volume Camp Dirt Edition [Sat March 18, 2023 – Huger, SC]

Race on the last day of camp Saturday (choose distances of 100, 50, or 27 miles). Step one is to sign up for the event, we can figure out housing and other stuff laters.

[E] The Phoenix Challenge: Skyline Edition [Saturday June 10th 2023]

This is a remix of our original Skyline Drive adventure. We turned a two day journey into a one-day Team Challenge. Choose the epic option that fits the ambitions of your 2- or 4-person Team.: 100-miles (10,900ft of climbing) or 150-miles (14,600ft of climbing). Learn more and get on the list here:

[V] EXN Challenge Series #1: Mini March [March 13th to 19th, 2023]

Take your target event time and budget that discipline (or disciplines if need be) across the week. If you’re planning on a 12h Leadville MTB finish then, our goal is to have you cycling 12h in seven days by this time.

[V] EXN Challenge Series #2: Aggro April [April 14th to 16th, 2023]

Same math, tighter timeframe. This go around we shuffle the deck such that you’ll do your target 12h of cycling for Leadville in just 3 days!

[V] EXN Challenge Series #3: UltraMay [May TBD]

This is where things get fun! We aren’t race-ready yet (there’s intensity yet to come in your training build up to the big day), but we can do the work. So to raise the bar we are going to create unreasonable conditions for execution – don’t get mad, this will make your race seem easy! The approach here is 1 hour of aerobic work every 4 hours.

  • Level 1: 6 hours of training, completed over a 24-hour cycle (5pm to 1pm next day).
  • Level 2: 9 hours of training, completed over a 36-hour cycle (5pm to 1am two days).
  • Level 3: 12 hours of training, completed over a 48-hour cycle (5pm to 1pm in two days).

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