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You’ve taken your fitness to some good places, but now you’re looking for more access and insight. You’ve had some success for sure, but now the gains aren’t coming along as easily as they used to.

Maybe you have realized your training methods are a bit out of date. Perhaps some of your equipment needs an upgrade and you want input on the next best thing to get. Sometimes even really smart folks struggle with all the data we have access to these days.

I Can Help

I offer a limited amount of advising and strategy to athletes beyond the regular Endurance Nation experience. Think systems management meets powerful personal development. The output of the process is something where our collaboration moves you forward towards the next level.

We can do daily workout coaching, season planning, strategy review, professional advice – whatever you need. It’s your project.

Advising, Strategy, and MiniCoaching

We start by gaining more clarity around your season goals. We look to trim out the excess workouts and friction that slips into any athlete’s personal system. Then, we look for where we can earn more return for your training time, turn problems into opportunities and maximize your personal performance.

We work through your training to gain clarity on what you are trying to achieve. If you’re racing in the short-term future, we can work on that together, too.

I’ve done this kind of work with athletes from all levels of experience and even with business professionals looking to bring an athlete’s mindset to their work performance. The concepts are similar. The execution is what’s different.

A Two-Part Process

We start with a one-hour call to help with your most pressing needs. This is a power hour session where we break your challenges down into actionable steps. You are set free, at which time you can book a follow-up 30-minute call to close out this advising session.

Though the work is done is mostly on your side, I’m here for guidance and consulting and advising along the way. That’s the whole purpose. I’m here to help you execute on your vision and to commit to a practice that will get you there.

Lets Get Started!

I have limited openings each month, but if you’re interested, book this first call and we can go from there. Need a different time? Use the red chat button below to reach out and I’ll be in touch.

I look forward to connecting.

~ Patrick