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UltraMay Challenge: May 19th to May 21st 2023

800 444 Patrick McCrann

📣🏃‍♂️ Coach P’s UltraMay Plan: May 19th to May 21st 🏊‍♀️🚴‍♂️ Hey everyone, it’s time to dive into this epic challenge! This is my fourth go at it, and I have to admit, I’m hoping I learned something from the past three years. 👀 Unlike previous years, I have built up my fitness early in…

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Adding Fun Runs to Your Training

500 500 Patrick McCrann

Join Coach Patrick to learn how incorporating fun runs into your training can help you build fitness and enjoy the process this Fall!

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2021 Ironman Tulsa Recap

800 548 Patrick McCrann

Team Endurance Nation has returned from the inaugural Ironman Tulsa with plenty of hardware and even more experience.

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Running Form Before Run Speed or Volume

668 420 Patrick McCrann

There are many different ways to think about running form but most of them take you down the wrong path. Why? Running form is an easy way to dive too deeply into the minutiae of running itself. Running is much more than just an equation of many individual things added up. Running is movement. It’s…

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The 2021 ENVEREST Challenge: Three Epic Events in Three Months

800 508 Patrick McCrann

  “Exercise without competition, without danger or purpose, didn’t strengthen the body…it simply wore it out.” ~ Norman Mailer Tired of no races? Tired of just training to train? Lucky for you, we have the perfect reasons for to you be exhausted: The ENVEREST Challenge. This new series is built off of the success we…

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PODCAST: Compounding Value of Run Frequency

300 300 Patrick McCrann

Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation for another weekly endurance podcast. This week Coach Patrick returns to discuss the importance of frequent running as a tool in your training arsenal. Don’t be fooled into thinking that long runs are where it’s at. Key Talking Points Dividing Up Your Week Split Long Runs Increasing “Engaged” Run…

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PODCAST: Run Durability vs Junk Miles

300 299 Patrick McCrann

Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation ( for another weekly endurance podcast. This week Coach P breaks down the difference between evil junk miles and important early season running. Key Talking Points include: 100 Days of Running Event [Facebook] Run Durability Webinar Thanks for listening to this Endurance Nation podcast…find more online here.   Subscribe…

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[PODCAST] The Magic of Run Durability

800 800 Patrick McCrann

Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation for another weekly endurance podcast. This week Coach P dives deep into Run Durability, describing three key reasons YOU might need to consider the Run Durability Program (RDP). You Might Need the RDP If: You get injured too often You are losing your top-end speed You underperform in longer…

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Running Mile 14.5 Boston

How to Hack Your Virtual Boston Marathon

600 600 Patrick McCrann

So, you were going to do the Boston Marathon. Well you sort of are, just virtually! You’re probably not as excited about that “opportunity.” With the right approach you can use this opportunity to turn this challenge into something positive for this season.

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How to Zwift to Endurance Success – EN Edition

342 294 Mariah Bridges

How to Zwift to Cycling Success (Buckle up, this is a long resource. Click here if you want to ride with TeamEN.) Maybe you’ve seen it online. Maybe you’ve seen it in your Strava feed… Your friends training on a remote island somewhere in the Pacific. You’ve seen new records and new challenges. And you…

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