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When To Start Training for Next Season @en

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Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation for another weekly endurance podcast. This week Coach P launches the Fall kick-off episode on how to best make the decision on when to start training. Are you on Team Let’s Do This (choose the OutSeason®) or Team Let’s Wait (choose a Durability plan)? Key Talking Points Date of…

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Marathon Running Plans

2019 Marathon Training Plans Now Available!

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  We are pleased to publish the latest version of our Marathon Training Plans. These are 16-weeks long and designed to prepare you to complete the 26.2-mile distance to achieve your goals, whether it’s to simply finish or to crush the day. Visual Learner? Join Coach Patrick for our Marathon 2.o Webinar [Register to Watch…

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Why A Split Long Workout Will Help You

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Why A Split Long Workout Will Help You Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation for another weekly endurance podcast. This week Coach P discusses the Split Workout concept that Endurance Nation has used since 2017 to help long-distance runners prepare for their events. Every runner is well aware of long run days. Regardless of if [...]read more

Rainy Run Relay Tips

Patrick McCrann
Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation for another weekly endurance podcast. This week we break down how to successfully handle the logistics of a relay run in the rain. Epic runs are fun, but if you get them wrong...epically less so. When putting together a relay run, there are many moving logistic parts. One of [...]read more

Run Interval Training

Mariah Bridges
Running Intervals and Intervals with Power Run Intervals are a critical part of building fitness into your season, but like any "training tool," you need to use them correctly for maximum benefit. Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation for another weekly endurance podcast. This week Coach P talk intervals. Key Talking Points: When intervals matter the [...]read more

Road To The Boston Marathon

Mariah Bridges
The Start of the Boston Marathon Journey What does it look like to qualify for the Boston Marathon? Well, we highlight the retrospective journey often, with a lot of our athletes making the commitment along their endurance lifestyle adventures. However, we rarely showcase an athlete at the beginning of their quest, until today! Meet Colin [...]read more

Runners Have A Pace Problem

Patrick McCrann
Runners Have A Pace Problem Runners have a pacing problem. At first, tracking run workouts by pace and heart rate makes sense, until you breakdown the reasoning behind the metrics. The key to faster running might all come down to what metric runners are paying attention to.  For years run pace has been a critical [...]read more

2019 Improved Triathlon Training Plans

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    2019 New Full and Half Iron Distance Triathlon Training Plans Whether you just signed up for your first Ironman®, Half-Ironman® or are a seasoned triathlete, there is one thing we all know to be true: you need a proven customized triathlon training plan to cross the finish line. Maybe you purchased a plan…

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The Secret To Endurance Success

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The Secret To Endurance Success When we think of endurance training, we often look at it from a singular viewpoint. Either by race, by season, by a specific goal. But the real reward is viewing endurance training as well, endurance training… aka, the long game. Each race, each season, every success, every failure, the day-to-day,…

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Race Execution and Proper Marathon Pacing

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  After months of training and countless miles, your race is here. Hundreds of hours of hard work all come down to one day and 26.2 miles. Yet after juggling workouts, recovery, managing your commitments, and making nuanced adjustments to your nutrition, the most common race strategy is practically no strategy at all: 1 —…

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