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What race is right for me? How do I fix my technique? Can I recover faster? How do I transition to a new sport?
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We have built a best-in-class online coaching experience using a cohort-based operating system.
We are 15 years strong and still going!

👉 Your Cohort motivates you and holds you accountable.
👉 Our Training Plans outline the best path for you to race day success.
👉 Our Challenges push your limits beyond the regular daily workout routine.
👉 Our Courses teach you to make improvements in how you train, fuel, and race.
👉 Our Coaches monitor your progress to ensure you are on the optimal development path.

The PROGRAM: A Custom Season + Coaching + Community

$127 / 28 days [Apply]

Cost includes Final Surge training log, season plan, foundational resources, and monthly group coaching support. 

You have the motivation. You need a training plan, teammates, and a monthly check-in.

With our Season Roadmap in hand, you know the path you are walking will get you from today to race day.

You’re connected to other athletes in our community who share your focus and goals. Together, you support and challenge one another across the season, aiming to meet up over race weekend.

After your first month of onboarding, you graduate to using our resources and live events to make sure your training stays on the right path. In addition to weekly Coach Office Hours, you can add on additional phone consults as needed. You can also communicate 24/7 using our community app.

Together we can get you ready to tackle your next endurance challenge!

As a member of Endurance Nation, you receive:

  • White-glove onboarding.
  • Access to our full learning archives & regular online learning events to stay informed. 
  • Access to our complete training plan library for your training and race preparation purposes.
  • Informal private message check-ins with Coach / Staff for basic support.
  • Community access via our app.
  • Our list of excellent discounts on all manner of gear.


“First the programs and plans work. That’s the most important. Then the invaluable source of knowledge that exists in the team and through digital mediums (FB, podcast, seminars, courses etc..). Then of course your availability. Overall it makes a motivated athlete a better, smarter, more rounded athlete. And the community is second to none.”

Vincent Sivirine, Duluth, Georgia

“I like the tailored plans which provide detailed training guidance. The race day plans and materials are also very helpful/critical.”

Charles Baker, Fulton, Missouri

“Getting back into a consistent training regime has been much easier with all of the support and easy-to-follow training plans. Fun Feb. was a huge help and a fun way to increase the volume!”

Scott Ewerth, Alpharetta, Georgia

“I feel that EN did a great job preparing me for this 50k trail run. I was skeptical of the lack of long runs greater than 15 miles or 3 hrs in one day. However, it worked. I feel that the program was solid and my fitness increased significantly as a result. Wednesday speed work was awesome. I’m so thankful for EN taking care of us nurses during this pandemic by giving us this free year membership. What a wonderful way to help us stay well mentally and physically. Thank YOU for taking care of us!!!”

Christina Johnson, Gloucester, VA

“Great support coach and teammates who are non-judgemental and just want to help support you in reaching your goals.”

Leslie Schneider, Charlottesville, Virginia

“Great workouts. Great community. Great conversations around preparing for my first 70.3”

Stan Hendricks, Powell, Ohio

Why Choose Endurance Nation?

We are a global community of endurance athletes training to be our personal and professional best.  We work smarter — together — to reach new levels of performance and ability. Built on the platform created by Founder Patrick McCrann, our cohort-based coaching helps athletes of all abilities create a personalized approach to success. We compete in triathlons, marathons, ultras, gravel races, MTB races, fondos and much more. If it has a finish line — we will see you at the start!

We Train and Race In Numbers!

Since 2007, Patrick McCrann and Endurance Nation have coached athletes across the globe to be their personal and professional best. In addition to our high-performing athletes, we have created a culture that recognizes and supports the accomplishments of all our athletes. As the largest and most active Global Endurance Team, our numbers speak for themselves: 







Division 1 Global TriClub Champions Ironman World Champ Qualifiers 70.3 World Champ Qualifiers Age Group Winners Ironman Finishes First Time Ironman Finishes

A Commitment to Education

Smarter athletes are faster athletes! In addition to more than ten years of content on our podcast channel and our video home on YouTube, we have monthly Office Hours and Coach Lessons that complement your training experience. There are members only race-specific race pages that collect relevant webinars, presentation, race reports and more. Smarter athletes are faster athletes, and we’ll definitely make you smarter!


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