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Team Endurance Nation vs Eagleman

2020 Key Races Announced

1024 651 Patrick McCrann

It’s Official ­čÄë Your selections for 2020 races are complete. This was the first year we have included “epic” (non-triathlon) events in the calendar, so we’ll have a host of new events for next season. The usual Endurance Nation Coaching and Training applies — we will have season long guidance for all of these events…

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Best Bike Gear from Team Endurance Nation

480 600 Mariah Bridges
A Review of the Best Bike Gear from Team Endurance Nation In addition to a great bike fit, there is a lot of gear on the market. Endurance Nation athletes are no strangers to testing out bike gear, and what better way to get a leg up on the competition than to know what to [...]read more

The Key to an Endurance Lifestyle

Mariah Bridges
The Key To An Endurance Lifestyle We all have that one unique story of how we started our endurance lifestyle journey. Very rarely do we come across someone who has started as young as EN Athlete Julia Herrmann. This week on the Endurance Nation podcast, we dive into Julia's recent Boston Marathon race. Obviously, we [...]read more

Endurance Coaching Process Behind The Scenes

Mariah Bridges
Endurance Coaching Process Behind The Scenes There are a lot of aspects of coaching someone to endurance success and the endurance coaching process is not always the same for athlete to athlete, gender to gender, goal to goal..... or, is it? This week Mariah interviews Coach Patrick to peel back the coaching curtains and find [...]read more

Finding Your Tribe: Guide To Endurance Training Groups

1024 1024 Mariah Bridges

Finding Your Tribe: Guide To Endurance Training Groups   Finding a training group that matches your personality, goals, and needs can seem like a daunting task. There also is the added benefit of online training groups versus local groups.┬áIf you’re new to the sport you might not even know where to start and if you’re…

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How the EN OutSeason Effects Athletes – Mark Hickman Interview

960 640 Patrick McCrann

  Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation for another weekly endurance podcast. This week Coach P virtually sits down with longtime Endurance Nation athlete, Mark Hickman. Mark is in the middle of the late season OS and we thought it would be good to talk to an athlete halfway through and get their thoughts. Key…

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The Strategy, Skill and Lessons from Racing Back-to-Back-to-Back

587 384 Patrick McCrann

When I decided to tackle Ironman Cabo just four weeks after the World Championships, my goal was to carry my fitness forward in order to earn another spot to Hawaii. I was disappointed with my performance on the Big Island and wanted a second shot. This was to be my 25th Ironman┬« race, and I…

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EN Podcast #626 — 10 Year Anniversary Interview Series: Keith Wick

150 150 Rich Strauss

Join Coach Rich from Endurance Nation (www.endurancenation.us) for another installment in our special 10 Year Anniversary Podcast Series. In this episode, Rich interviews Keith Wick. Keith has been with Endurance Nation from nearly the very beginning and they share some great insights on the growth and evolution of both the sport of triathlon and of…

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The EN Way: Set a Goal, Work the Process, and Be Accountable

150 150 Rich Strauss

Similar to achieving any lofty goal in any area of your life, reaching your triathlon potential requires you to: Set Both Big and Enabling Goals What exactly do you want to achieve on race day and, more importantly, what critical metrics, or enabling goals, do you need to hit beforehand to enable the achievement of…

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EN Podcast

EN Podcast #624: How the Endurance Nation Team Coaching Model Destroys the One-on-One Coaching Silo

180 125 Rich Strauss

Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation (www.endurancenation.us) for another weekly endurance┬ápodcast. This week Coach Rich explains the many, many weaknesses of the traditional, one-on-one triathlon coaching model. This model puts the Coach and Athlete into a silo that severely limits the potential of each party. The Coach has little incentive to innovate and the Athlete’s…

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