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Can you tell me the cost for your monthly coaching services?

  • That depends on the level of membership you select. Our most popular membership level is TEAM, which is a one-time $100 set up fee and $97 for every four weeks. View other membership options here.

Do your athletes work with a dedicated coach?

Our athletes have access to all our coaches, staff, and the greater Team as well. Our missing is to make you the best Self Coached athlete you can be. Instead of limiting your coach access, we centralize your communications so that any one on staff can help you out.

What method of communications is used between your athletes and their coach(s)?

  • We use multiple methods, and you will see them all once you are a member. In short order, we use Online Forums, Online Messaging, and Phone Calls.

Where are the coaches located?

  • Endurance Nation is 100% online, with hundreds of members across the US and around the globe. If you want to know where you can find our Strava segments, follow the Team here: https://www.strava.com/clubs/15570

What experience do the coaches have as athletes and as coaches?

  • You can learn more about Coach Patrick here.

How are heart rate and power zones established for your athletes?

  • We do functional testing (you on your own) for swim, bike and run paces.

What nutrition counseling is provided?

  • We don’t provide nutrition counseling, but we do have generic advice on the site. As part of our extensive partner network, you will be able to purchase separate nutritional support as needed from one of our partners.

Do your coaches utilize Training Peaks to analyze and provide feedback for scheduled workouts?

  • We do not track your workouts, but we encourage you to. When you have a call scheduled, or wish to review your season (or a session) having that information is critical for both of us to review. We assume that you are motivated and will execute the workouts as outlined.


Sign Up and Login Problems

  • If you can’t access the Dashboard, the Forums, or your Training Plan, please make sure you are logged in!
  • If you can’t login, you might be using the wrong password or username. If you have forgotten your password, use the Forgotten Password feature to retrieve it.
  • Still no joy? Email us and we’ll get on it.


Privacy and Security

Your Notifications

    • There is an internal private messaging function on the EN site for members to connect directly with other members of EN without logging out to enter an email application. Messages sent via the Personal Message Board will only stay inside EN.

Uploading Photos

  • Please use a real picture of you for your Forum avatar. Funny images and logos aside, nothing really helps to bridge the Internet gap like a real photo of you.
  • All members of EN can upload up lots of pictures. These will live on your forum profile page for when people visit. Tasteful photos only please!


Q: I want to purchase an Endurance Nation training plan but have questions about what plan is best for me. What do I do? 

A: MEMBERS ONLY: All of your plans, coaching, etc are included in your membership fee. You do not need to purchase training plans.

A: NON-MEMBERS: Please email us and the coaches will recommend a plan to purchase!

Q: How do I access the legacy training plan(s) I purchased from your Store?

A: If you purchased an Endurance Nation training plan in the past, your plan lives online forever in our training platform. You will be sent an email with a password to access the website for your plan and all of the additional resources / any supporting documentation.  If this isn’t working for you, please email us with your purchase receipt and we’ll help you out.

Q: If I have questions about my training plan, where do I go?

A: Members — Please request changes to your plan via the Training Plan Page and/or post your questions in the Training Forums.

A: Non-Members — Everything you need to use your digital training plan is included on the website, including support.

Still have questions? Email us or post a question via our official Facebook page, or tweet @TeamEN on Twitter and we’ll get back to you.