Get in touch with your inner awesome

No finish line is safe. We are on a mission to build a global team of 600 endurance athletes ready, willing, and able to tackle every single endurance event there is on the planet.
We’ll make our own if necessary. 

Ignore the haters.  The world is full of people who will tell you what you can’t do. Endurance Nation is full of people too busy doing the impossible to consider any other alternative. Bring your energy to the Team and take some when you need it.
We’ll make more.

The devil is in the details. We demystify training, strategy, and nutrition in simple terms so you can learn and teach others what you have learned.
Simple is more effective.  

It takes a Village People. Doing impossible things takes bravery, ambition, and many conspirators. And kickass music you can sing to at the top of your lungs, of course.
One more time for the people in the back!


17 Years in Five Bullets


It all started as a dare.

A finish line photo from the 1999 first-ever Ironman Lake Placid, sent halfway around the world to Uzbekistan. Unable to run outside in shorts unless I was in a Sportsmen Komplex behind walls, I used this picture of my little brother as motivation to try and make good food decisions (the vodka was unavoidable). It would take two years and some serious training in graduate school, but in November 2001 I crossed the finish line at Ironman Florida and began coaching triathletes full time in 2o04. 

Then I fired all of my one-on-one coaching clients.

I hadn’t lost my mind, I had glimpsed the future at a Joe Friel’s Ultrafit meeting in 2006 talking with my eventual co-founder Rich Strauss. The internet was just getting interesting with forums, and we were both tired of the “hub-and-spoke” model that had us replaying each client conversation 20 times over. We saw a path forward to connect the East and West Coast clients together in an online forum where we could lead, not simply coach. 

$50,000 buys you a complete failure to launch.

 We had hired some flashy firm to build the new site. As our launch date approached, it was clear we had been hoodwinked — the site was a disaster and our money had been wasted. Turning to our core audience of 80 people who were making the leap with us, we boldly told the truth of what happened. To our complete surprise, the members stepped up to build everything from the graphics to the website to the email servers and more. The idea that small groups of people can collaborate online to build things better than any individual (or company!) had manifested itself on Day One. Endurance Nation was born! 🚀

Then the online paradigm, well, exploded. 💥

In just over three years, endurance athletes went from desperately seeking information to being overwhelmed by it.  We no longer had to create information, we had to curate it.  Faced with an almost impossible challenge, we made the strategic choice to create core principles for our members to operate by.  Information they could understand, use, and most importantly — pass along to others who need to learn. This paved the way for our Four Keys of Race Execution, the Endurance Nation OutSeason, and our Run Durability Program to name only a few. 

Fifteen years later…

Our Cohort Based Coaching approach continues to help athletes around the world achieve their personal best. We’ve evolved to support our athletes as they train and complete events like Leadville, Steamboat, and the Moab 240. Our members hail from every single continent.  Some have been with us for more than a decade of training and racing, while new folks find us every year. 👋 “What is this Endurance Nation thing?” they ask. The answer is always the same: “We can’t wait to tell you.” 


Our Digital Town is Built for Athletes Like You

Endurance Nation lives online in a customized private network of resources. Each piece is powerful on its own, but they’re even better together.

Our 75+ Training Plans live on Final Surge. We’ve partnered with Final Surge for several years to leverage their best-in-class digital interface to deliver workouts to — and gather data from — our members. 

Our Members meet inside our Team Chat and learns in our Community, both of which are available on your smartphone or the web. Team Chat is for the quick check in and status updates, making sure you are connected and have everything you need. The Community Hub is for the deeper explorations of content and more curated learning. We debate and refine ideas here, some of which become part of the Endurance Nation Operating System. 

Word on the street is that our Educational Resources are unparalleled. All of our Members Only Content is a mix of articles, videos and podcast resources. Add in weekly live Office Hours, monthly Seminars and annual Training Camps and there’s nothing else like it. Not a Member yet? Access our free content via our Podcast, Video and social media channels: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Our Annual Events are a mix of real- and virtual experiences designed to help you build new fitness and skills while improving your connections within the community. From our virtual Challenges to our domestic and international training camps, we have something for every member regardless of sport, ability or geographic location. 


We Are Recruiting 600 Adventurers 

Why 600? You’re thinking six degrees of Kevin Bacon, right? Or rolling the dice (six sides!) with Endurance Nation? Or 100 athletes for each continent we are already on? (sorry Antarctica)

It’s a little more nuanced than that. Human have five known senses — smell, taste, sight, touch, and hearing — but the power of the mind unlocks that incredible sixth sense. We are looking for athletes who are driven by adventure to tackle the next challenge.

Athletes who are driven and empathetic.

Athletes who lead through action and support the growth of others.

Athletes who know that a rising tide lifts all boats (again, sorry Antarctica).

Rationally, we also know the path to success. The Dunbar Number states that every person can really only maintain five close friendships. We believe this is true in every dimension of personality, including your athletic endeavors.

You plus five friends is six people. Times 100 = 600 incredible people rewriting the path to personal athletic success — one marathon, one triathlon, one mountain climb, one ocean swim — at a time. 

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