Race day is all you. The other 364 days…they belong to Endurance Nation.

Endurance sports isn’t just a hobby — it’s a lifestyle.

Unlike everyone else you know, our eyes don’t glaze over when you start talking about powermeters, gels and learning how to pee on the bike.

Welcome to your Tribe!

Endurance Nation has everything you need to make your entire year a success. Our training plans make sure you do the right workout every day. Our coaches answer your questions and constantly seek to improve every aspect of your training. Our resources & content help you get smarter as you get faster. Our community keeps you focused and holds you accountable. Our discounts help you save thousands on all your training and racing purchases.

You pick your race…we’ll take care of the rest!


It’s not about doing more work. It’s about doing more of the right work.

Education is the Biggest Limiter to Peak Athletic Performance.

We have built a vast library of digital content that leads our athletes from beginner to expert in less time—and for less money—than other coaching solutions. Regular coach chats, 24/7 monitored forums, and over-the-top customer service allows our athletes to improve at their own pace.

It Takes a Community.

Support and motivation are not infinite resources. We have created an incredible network of 800 (and growing) like-minded athletes focused on sharing their knowledge, experience and lessons learned. And when you need a kick in the butt, they’ll give you that too.

We are Leaders, Not Just Coaches.

Over twenty years of coaching experience has taught us that the best athletes are separated from the rest not by ability or equipment, but by independence and self-sufficiency. With professional guidance from expert coaches, TeamEN athletes are encouraged to train at their own pace, using the resources provided by Coach Patrick and the worldwide community that is TeamEN.

We Train, Race and Grow Together as a Team.

Our Team Coaching model combines online training plans with robust online forums, a complete resource library, and intimate coach access on an as-needed basis. Let us put your training and fitness on the fast track. Use TeamEN’s experience to leapfrog the competition, save countless training hours and put your triathlon dollars where they matter most.

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