Helping thousands train smarter, together. 


Our Mission

There’s this notion that to be a successful athlete, you need some combination of genetic gifts, a ruthless competitive nature and incredible pain tolerance. But we know there’s a better way to train.  One where what’s good for your fitness is also good for the other aspects of your life.

We believe athletes grow best with a systems approach and succeed faster with a Team — and that they can be their personal best working in a group setting. That’s why we  created an ecosystem that combines training, education and community to help athletes get better, faster, every day. 

Work Hard. Get Smart. Go Fast.

It’s not about doing more work. It’s about doing more of the right work.


Our Story

As fellow coaches part of Joe Friel’s Ultrafit program in 2006, co-founders Patrick McCrann and Rich Strauss noticed a shift in the way athletes trained and raced.  Athletes were suddenly training online, generating more and more data and needed greater levels of support and guidance across devices, platforms and different sports. The future was clear — the single coach as guru / master-of-all-trades was about to become a dinosaur. 

From this shift, a community was born: Endurance Nation. It was founded by a small group of 80 athletes who collaborated with the coaches to build everything from the graphics to the website to the training plans and more. “Team Coaching” — the notion that small groups of athletes are willing and able to build things better than any individual could — took shape as better plans, resources and learning experiences came to life. 

Today, the Team Coaching System led by Coach Patrick continues to help thousands of athletes around the world take control of their training, time and performance. 

Together We Can Achieve Any Goal

We are only as strong as our weakest link. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Our Platform 

Our small community lives online in a customized private network of resources. Each piece is powerful on it’s own, but they’re even better together.

Our Plans live on Final Surge. We’ve partnered with Final Surge for several years to leverage their best-in-class digital interface to deliver workouts to — and gather data from — our members. 

Our Community meets on the Internet inside our Team Chat application and our online Community Hub, both of which are available on your smartphone or the web. Team Chat is for the quick check in and status update, making sure you are connected. Community Hub is for the deeper explorations of content and more curated learning. 

Our Educational Resources are a mix of written, video and audio. Add in weekly live events, member seminars and training camps and there’s nothing else like it. Our free content is available via our Podcast, Video and social media channels: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Our Annual Events are a mix of real- and virtual experiences designed to help you build new fitness and skills while improving your connections within the community. From our virtual E.N.V.E.R.E.S.T. series to our domestic and international training camps, we have something for everyone regardless of sport, ability or disposable income. 

We Are Recruiting for Our Tribe.

The more athletes on the Team, the better we all become. If you are looking for the next step in your athletic evolution and are ready to leave the traditional path for something a bit more fun and a ton more effective, we’d love to have you join us. 

Together we can put your training and fitness on the fast track.

Use our collective experience to leapfrog the competition, save countless training hours and make friends for life.

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