2016 IRONMAN® Vineman Race Report: Josiah Garrison, 45′ PR!

150 150 Rich Strauss

I’ve been racing long course triathlon and training with EN for the past 2 1/2 years. Vineman was my second full IM, my first was IMAZ ’14. I’ve also done two 70.3’s. Training started out slowly in 2016. I followed first the OS, then Get Faster EN plans from Nov – March. The intensity work didn’t…

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2016 Ironman Vineman Race Report: John Withrow, Lessons Learned When Things Don’t Go As Expected

400 400 Rich Strauss

Setting Expectations: Racing Ironman is hard.  Not just the physical nature of the actual race and its associated training, but more so the strain it can and does put on a body and on a family.  This past winter, I had an episode where I had some light-headed spells and actually collapsed one night. My…

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