Meet the Team: Raleigh 70.3 and Hawaii 70.3

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Meet team members competing in Ironman® Raleigh 70.3 and Hawaii 70.3 2015!

Raleigh 70.3

RichStanbaugh-Raleigh70.3-IMMT-IMFLRich Stanbaugh (M 45-49)

This is my third season of IM having done IMs Lake Tahoe, Los Cabos, Mont Tremblant & Cozumel and 70.3s Syracuse, Steelhead and Raleigh. I have Raleigh 70.3 and IMs Mont Tremblant & Florida on the schedule this year… maybe try to fit some more fun in as the season goes along!




Keith Shackleford (M 45-49)

“I live in Wake Forest, NC. I did my first tri back in 2003. I had a whole lot of last place finishes those first couple of years. Took a long break I started over 3 years ago. Much better now.
My goals are all about improvement. Swim more efficiently and faster. Nail the nutrition on the bike and run steady.”

Mario Arbesu (M 40-44)

“I was born in Miami, FL and have lived here for most of my life. This will be my 8th triathlon season and my 8th 70.3 race. Still, this will be my first time racing Raleigh 70.3 and my first triathlon as an Endurance Nation member. I am looking forward to using everything that i have learned in the last few months about racing into an actual race.

Race day goals:
Enjoy my first race as an Endurance Nation Member and meet personally meet my teammates.
Be able to execute an “”EN”” style race plan. (.78 IF and negative split the run)
I dont have any time goals since I am not familiar with the course but I am hoping to stay in the top 20% of my age group.”


Hawaii 70.3

Marvin Karlow (M 45-49)

Hi. I’m 46 and from Dallas TX. This is my second year in Triathlon and this is my second IM 70.3 race. I had no endurance sports experience when I started 18 months ago, so everything is new. My daughter wanted to go to Hawaii for vacation and I wanted to do a triathlon somewhere fun … so here we are. My race goals are – don’t drown, don’t crash, and don’t walk.

bobhillerBob Hiller

I’m 63 and live near Cincinnati. My wife Mean Jean and I are spending 2 weeks on the Big Island with the race in the middle. I’ve been racing in Tri’s since 1983. This is our first time back in Kona since I did the 1989 Ironman. My goals are to have a good swim, hit my watts going up and down the hills, and execute my hydration and nutrition the EN way all day.



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