Meet the Team: Florida 70.3

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Meet some of the team members competing in Ironman® Florida 70.3 2015!

David DuranDavid Duran (M 30-34)

David here, originally from a small town near Youngstown, OH but these days I call New Jersey home with my wife and 2 daughters (4yrs and 8 months).

This is my second year at Ironman but the first was in 2011 so took some time off in between. That year I raced Tupper Lake Tinman and IMWI. At Wisconsin I ended up going 15:35 after the wheels came off spectacularly on the run. Started throwing up at mile 11, medics asked me “when did you stop sweating?” to which I was oblivious. One of the proudest moments of my life though to pick myself up & rehydrate while walking the next 12 miles. Jogged in the final 5km to make it official.

So this year is my revenge on that course. Started building my bike fitness last year, then tacked on NovOS, and now an early season 70.3 as a stake in the ground to test it all together. Looking forward to the race but really struggling to figure out how to adjust to the heat. The NJ winter has not been conducive to getting out on the road, and HMP at 45F is probably quite different than 90F 90%RH!

2 weeks from now though we’ll know. And regardless, it will be a good benchmark for progress made and where I need to focus in the Spring & Summer.

Tom Box (M 55-59)

I’m from Salem, Oregon. I have been racing triathlons for over 10 years now. This will be my 4th time for Florida 70.3 but the first at the new location in Haines City. Top goal for race day is to maintain my power over 56 miles and stay aero! Looking forward to meeting up with my teammates.


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