Meet the Team: Cozumel 2014

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Meet some of the team members competing in Ironman® Cozumel 2014!

SamAlbrecht_IMCozumelSam Albrecht (M 40-44)

From Redlands, CA. Went to IM Tahoe and the race was canceled, so now I’m doing my first IM in Cozumel. Been racing tri’s for over 10 years, done one 70.3. My goal is to get my first IM knocked out. I would love to get a good time, but I am not shooting for a specific time goal. I’m used to running after dark, so I have no problem getting across the line after dark.


Meredith Beavers (F 30-34)

First IM and just want to finish before 16+59!

Jennifer Hendershot (F 35-39)

I live in Los Angeles with my husband and four furry kids. This will be my third Ironman, and second time racing Cozumel with EN. My goal is to beat my last time, and finish with a smile.

brent_mckayBrent McKay (M 40-44)

Hola from Texas EN Team Members! I’ve been involved with Triathlon for the past 4 years after being a recreational runner for a very long time. I was the run leg of a relay team at a local triathlon and quickly became ‘hooked’ and have been addicted to this wonderful sport ever since. Like many age groupers, I’m a busy sales professional in the software industry and also busy at home with my wife raising our three kiddos so training time has to be interwoven into all the existing activities and I can tell you, my wife and kids are ready to get their husband/dad back!

IM Cozumel will be my second full IM triathlon. My first was the inaugural IM Texas back in 2011 which I completed after having competed in triathlon for a little over a year. Let’s just say that my IM-IQ was very low going into that race and I made many mistakes both in training (or lack of) leading up to the race on the execution of race day itself. I was able to pull off a decent time (12:16) but knew deep down that if I had been more disciplined, I could have performed much better. I have been with EN now for going on two years and have seen significant improvement in my training, fitness and race execution after being primarily focused on the 70.3.

My one major goal for IMCZ is to simply execute, execute, execute according to my training, established thresholds and nutrition needs. Nothing outside of the box…knowing that the day is a long day and will present challenges but having the confidence and the IM-IQ that I didn’t have the first time around to respond in a purposeful and smooth manner. I have personal time windows that I have set for myself but ultimately, I want to cross the finish line knowing that I execute MY race. Oh yeah, one final thing…the first IM I literally sprinted through the finisher shoot without a single high five or even a smile (I just wanted to get it over with!)…that won’t happen this time =) Good luck to all my EN teammates who are racing, look forward to seeing you out there. Here’s to hoping that hanging out with Ben “The Hoff” Hoffman at IM ATX 70.3 last year will bring some good race day vibes!

Mike Ranieri (M 45-49)

I’m from Allen Texas just north of Dallas. Cozumel will be my third Ironman. This will be my first training with Endrance Nation. I’ve been racing triathlon since 2007

My race day goal is to break 12 hours but ultimately a negative split marathon will be just as good having never achieved that. I’ll be patient and take what the course gives me. ride my watts and build my run per the four keys.

RichStanbaugh-IMCozumelRich Stanbaugh (M 45-49)

I’m from Livonia, MI. This is my first time to race IMCoz and my 4th IM. My first was IM Lake Tahoe 2013… it has been a busy year. My goals are to eat lobster instead of Turkey for Thanksgiving, have fun with my family, meet some new EN team mates and race as fast as I can.


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