#ENTriChat — How to Plan your Race Season

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#ENTriChat — How to Plan your Race Season 

With Sponsor — Revolution3 Triathlon

What IS a Twitter Chat?

A Twitter chat is where a group of Twitter users meet at a predetermined time to discuss a certain topic, using a designated hashtag(#) for each tweet contributed. 

Imagine a business networking event—but without a dress code and with a keyboard instead of a bar. The same social customs apply—courtesy and respect—and it’s a great way to meet new people with similar interests.

Every 3rd Monday of the Month, Endurance Nation hosts #ENTriChat a place where triathletes and future triathletes can get together to network, share, learn and possibly win some amazing shwag!

How to Plan your Race Season – January 11, 2016 8pmEST 

We focused on planning your race season. Exactly when should you start training specifically for your next race? Inside team EN it’s the last 12 weeks to race. Everything before then is getting ready to train everything after that is completely race specific including Nutrition), pacing, etc.

Step inside Endurance Nation and let us provide you with your very own Triathlon Season Roadmap® for your race season planning needs!


New to Endurance Nation? Introducing our FirstTimeFinish™ Program. Train with Endurance Nation for a minimum of 3 months, and if for any reason you start your Rev3 race and do not finish, we will pay you cash towards the purchase of your next Rev3 race, of equal or lesser value.

Endurance Nation is the worlds largest and fastest online triathlon team! Step inside and let us help you have an epic race season, whether you’re a veteran, a newbie or somewhere in between!

Revolution3 Triathlon (Rev3)

Countless things make Rev3 a must on every triathletes season list. This chat, Rev3 gave away some amazing apparel swag and an epic, FREE race entry! From an American Made, American grown company that is constantly thinking outside of the box, putting families first and providing the best race experience out there, this was no surprise at how giving they were at the chat.



Did you know? 

  • Your family is allowed to cross the finish line with you at races, in fact, it’s encouraged!
  • Finish Line photos are FREE!
  • There is an EPIC Kid Zone for the whole family to enjoy at the race site
  • Rev3 is locally owned and operated right here in the USA!
  • Military and Service men and women always race at a discount
  • Endurance Nation athletes get a discount on all Rev3 races
  • Rev3 races come with 30 days Free online coaching
  • Rev3 has many races options from Aqua-Bike, Relay, Clydesdale, Athena and even Glo and Kids races at certain events!
  • Much much more!


Thank you for tuning into #ENTriChat — Read below for the recap. “See you online or at the races!”




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