Ironman® Texas Virtual Four Keys

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Your Best Texas — A Race Execution Seminar by Endurance Nation

With all the uncertainty leading up to race day, cross “how to execute my race” off your list!

More than 6,000 Ironman® finishes since 2010.

More than 30 Ironman® finishes between the coaches.

We have raced in Kona a combined nine times.

We know a bit about racing triathlon successfully. We want to help you do the same.

Give us 60 minutes of your Monday night, and in real-time, we’ll cover:

  • The mental framework that virtually predicts success;
  • Pacing guidance for each leg of the race;
  • How to handle variable race day conditions.

We normally only do this event live. Since the coaches won’t be on site at Texas this year, this is your only chance.  This hour-long seminar will not be recorded.

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Register for Monday’s 9pm EST event HERE


Every year we get love letters telling us how the Four Keys saved another person’s race. For the record, “doing what I did in training” is not an actual race strategy.

Don’t be one of the zombies on the marathon course, walking, wondering how your race day got away from you.

Coach Patrick and Coach Rich will give you critical race day rules and tips so you can make the most of your Texas experience.

PS – We’ll stay on the webinar as long as it takes to answer every question!




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With give-a-ways to every attendee 


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