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Author’s Note: The ENVEREST Challenge is just four weeks away. You can choose a 24-, 36- or 48-hour challenge.  the basic rules are the same: one hour of exercise for every 4 hours. You choose the modality, you just have to get it done within the block. Join more than 50 athletes pushing their limits in this free challenge:

Challenges can be frightening…but that’s also the point. Anything worth doing should have a little fear in the equation.  

A good challenge is also a great way to kick yourself in the butt and shake up your routine without spending countless hours trying to plan something on your own. Or sitting around crossing your fingers in the hope your next race won’t cancel.

Incremental Gains Aren’t the Only Way

No matter how many times or how often you challenge yourself physically or mentally, you’ll never get on the road to fitness if you’re always chasing after the next bit of progress. Challenges force you to lose in incremental mindset. Challenges force you to go to the well, to see what you are capable of doing. 

It’s a case of learning by doing. Challenges force you to look at your current state of physical and mental preparation with regards to the big picture. There’s no hiding from the truth after a few hours of Zone Two work! 

Let the Challenge Build the System

Processes, deadlines, tasks:  these are all useful ways to structure your thinking. But just as importantly, they help you be clear about where you’re going. That clarity makes it much easier to complete what you want to do.

We have never met a constraint we didn’t like.  

  • Less time to train? Let’s get focused. 
  • Your event has to be within 50 miles, let’s start looking. 
  • You need to train one hour out of every four-hour block? We can build a schedule.

Long Term Planning is So Pre-2021

Do you remember when you could sign up for a race and then train 12 months in full of confidence it was going to happen? Yeah, we don’t remember it either. The past 18 months have shown people around the world that taking advantage of available opportunities is a much better play been holding out and hoping for something in the distant future.

Instead of hoping that the race organizers will have everything ready for you by month X, take matters into your own hands. Create a challenge of your own, or join us in ENVEREST.  the event is ready, your time is your own, and the deadline will force you to get ready rapidly.

Memories > Miles 

Building an aerobic engine is the desired outcome of our training. But training in and of itself leads to a routine. Having a routine means that you’re repeating things over and over again. Effective? Yes. Exciting? Not really. The alternative to this problem is to use a challenge. Doing something outside of the box that forces you to push your limits will do more than just build Fitness. You will make new friends and great memories. It’s a two-for-one deal.

Simple Is Not Easy

The best challenges are structured around a core concept. It has to be easy enough that you can remember what you’re doing while you’re doing the challenge. It has to be straightforward enough that you can plan for it. It has to look easy enough on paper that you sign up for it until you realize what you’ve committed to.

In the case of ENVEREST, your goal is to do one hour of exercise for every four hours on the clock. 25% of your time in each block is dedicated to aerobic exercise. You have complete Freedom of Choice with regards to the sport. You can run, you can bike, you can swim, you can rollerblade, you can row, you can stair climb, you can pogo stick. If you can put it on Strava, it can be included!

Let’s Do This! 

If you are ready, we are ready! Join more than 75 athletes who are taking the Challenge this May. You can be a part of our chat community, share your training plans and join us on the weekend to connect and stay motivated. 

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