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70.3 Morro Bay Race Report

751 332 Patrick McCrann

Athlete Name: Guillermo Quintero Race Name: 70.3 Morro Bay Year: 2024 a short race report from Morro Bay. This race seemed like a smaller race when compared to Oceanside (there was ~1500 racers). Really cool venue, if you get a chance to visit the central coast of California you should because it’s amazing (I recommend…

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70.3 Chattanooga Race Report

500 500 Patrick McCrann

Athlete Name: Vincent Sivirine Race Name: 70.3 Chattanooga Year: 2024 After two full IM last year (Nice and Florida) I started OutSeason in January but a month into it both mind and body needed a break. So I took February off and started running again in March (small baby steps, one run at the time…

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Connemarathon Ultra 64k

800 463 Patrick McCrann

Athlete Name: Dwane Brennan Race Name: Connemarathon Ultra 64k Year: 2024 Firstly, I forgot to add my race plan – work was mental leading up to the race. Lots of travelling and long days 😕.  Maybe grab a coffee as this is a bot long winded. I didn’t have a great sleep the night before,…

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Gasparilla Half Marathon Race Report

800 642 Patrick McCrann

Athlete Name: Valerie Fristachi  Race Name: Gasparilla Half Marathon Year: 2024   The Good: Well-organized race, decent swag (nice t-shirt, hat, reusable shopping bag, good food samples at Expo, finisher medal and towel) Start is near the Convention Center so bathrooms are available, no need for port-a-johns Warmer than the northeast US, but not too…

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Pistol 100 Ultra Race Report

492 366 Patrick McCrann

Athlete Name: Ginger Ropka Race Name: Pistol 100 Ultra Year: 2024   I ran the Pistol 100 Ultra last weekend, and it went quite well IMHO.  I can highly recommend this ultra.  It was a 10 mile loop on a paved park path that meandered around a creek and through some woods. It had lamposts…

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Unlock the Power of Your Winter Training with Endurance Nation’s OutSeason® Approach

794 800 Patrick McCrann

Don’t Let Winter Hold You Back! While many sit back during the chill, we invite you to embrace a game-changing approach. Experience the OutSeason® magic—a strategy that transforms winter’s challenges into powerful steps towards becoming an endurance titan.

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UltraMay Challenge: May 19th to May 21st 2023

800 444 Patrick McCrann

📣🏃‍♂️ Coach P’s UltraMay Plan: May 19th to May 21st 🏊‍♀️🚴‍♂️ Hey everyone, it’s time to dive into this epic challenge! This is my fourth go at it, and I have to admit, I’m hoping I learned something from the past three years. 👀 Unlike previous years, I have built up my fitness early in…

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Run Consistency

The Daily Dose of Discipline You Need

708 342 Patrick McCrann

Mastering Your Breathing for Better Interval training

800 798 Patrick McCrann

Interval training is a great way to get in shape, but it can be tough on your lungs. If you’re not used to working out at a high intensity, your body can quickly run out of oxygen and start to feel fatigued. Here are a few approaches to deliberate breathing that can help you during your hardest aerobic training sessions! 

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Breaking Down Testing Across a Season

800 800 Patrick McCrann

Coach Patrick is joined by Endurance Nation athlete Jonathan Benson to talk about the role of testing inside Endurance Nation

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