Ironman Hawaii 2016: Race Week Recap

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Today’s Friday, and that means the 2016 Ironman® World Championships is tomorrow!  It has been a super busy week, navigating final race prep and exploring all parts of the course. It’s been a blast…every trip to Hawaii is special with the Team, and 2016 was no exception.

Many laughs, lots of good training and even better prep. You can join us — whether you qualify or want to experience the week on your own — by checking out the Kona Race Week Experience here.


Monday Hawi Exploration Ride

The goal on Monday is to head out to ride the climb to Hawi. Since this 37 mile out and back brings with it wind and often rain, it’s a worthwhile ride. At the least, it’s good mental comfort. At the best, you’ll know exactly what’s around each corner and how to master both the headwinds (up) and cross / tailwinds (down). Quite possibly the most important ride of the week!


Tuesday Ventum Swim + Run

With the big bike in our legs, it was time to hit the water with our good friends at Ventum ( and the one and only Leanda Cave. This was a great time to explore the course. Bonus that it was fairly choppy; a good introduction to what it means to be successful on race day.


In addition to some underwater fun (yeah EN Gang Sign!), we also ran back to the condos. This was just under 6 miles, and the last “long run” to help with heat acclimation. By today Kona was in full triathlon mode. Even the “late” triathletes were here. It was almost hard to find a place on the side of the Ali’i Drive to run!


Wednesday Final Queen K Brick / Energy Lab Run

Today was all about finishing touches — for the bike and the run. We don’t need to go far get in good work…just outside Kailua Kona works. The midday start ensures a good tailwind out and headwind back. Consider it a natural warm up to steady ride. This is the last chance to test the full race set up and any final tweaks you’ve made.


After the one hour run, it was time to get in the critical brick run. This gives campers a chance to see exactly what their heart rate will do once they get off the bike. Bonus that they can run right into the Natural Energy Lab (no cars allowed). The feedback was unanimous: running up and out of the Energy Lab was super hot. Once you got back on the Queen K, however, the breeze returned with some relief.


Then it was time for lunch at the Pine Tree Cafe…a Team Endurance Nation favorite!!


Wednesday Team Dinner

After all that training, we sent everyone home to get their families and then return to the condos for dinner. We have an incredible set up with delicious local food and a venue (and view) that can’t be beat. There’s no official talk in Hawaii — after all, you’ve made it! Instead it’s a great time to unwind and learn more about your amazing teammates!










Thursday Underpants Run / Swim & Chill

No pictures here, to protect the innocent. Another mainstay of Kona Race Week, the Underpants Run is a fun tradition where the endurance community makes fun of themselves and raises money for local charities. This was the 19th year….in 2017 they’ll go for another World Record attempt (be there!).


Industry Meetings All Week

When we weren’t out training and supporting the campers, it was all business here on Ali’i Drive. We were able to meet with all of our good partners and friends (see shirt ^above^). It’s always good to connect and learn more about the products and people that help make Endurance Nation such a special place. Many of these folks are more than just business partners, they are great friends as well.


Now that the week’s done, it’s time to rest up for the big day of spectating. Stay tuned to our social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for live updates all day long!

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