2016 Texas Race Camp Day Three Recap

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2016 Texas Camp Run
Our third and final day of camp is all about the run…and an early one at that. I find that the later you start run day, the more likely you are to eat or do something else that’s going to muck up your day — plus some folks have to hit the road. So early it is!

We had a fantastically cool morning for a run — right around 50 degrees. Hard to believe it’ll be closer to 90 when race day comes!! We bundled up and were off.

The plan was to run most off the first loop together. This type of run is at a very easy pace, but what you lose in fitness you gain in experience. I was able to stop the group at critical points on the course to point out landmarks, race specific areas, and even hand out some tips on how to navigate the Woodlands.

 The course is divided into two distinct parts — the Lake Loop (5-ish miles) and the Canal Out/Back (3-ish miles).

While the Lake Loop alternates between time spent on the jogging path and time on the roads, at camp we stayed exclusively away from the cars. After all that cycling I think we needed a break from all the four-wheelers.

I set up a mini aid station out of my car for the halfway point so the campers wouldn’t have to go too far without fuel. This was also our quick camp goodbye — I had an early flight and still had to check out. A few fist bumps and promises to stay safe, the campers were off and I was racing to make my plane.
This ends the 2016 Texas Camp series. You can learn more about the other Endurance Nation camps online here. For those of you racing this year, good luck over the final few weeks and we hope to see you on race weekend!!

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