Steady Ride to Orient in Mallorca

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The Orient ride may not be the most well-known or highly-rated ride on the island, but it certainly has its charms. Starting off slow, it picks up in the middle with a climb that is reminiscent of what you would see out west, complete with broad turns, open roads, and the scent of pine trees. The climb to Orient is unique and offers a chance to really push yourself and take in the scenery.

Road Goes Up

The climb itself is about 10 miles with variable changes, but the reward at the top is well worth it. A coffee break is in order before making the final push to the top of the cold to on air. Here, another pit stop and sticker drop for @VergeCycling is a must. The descent can be bumpy, so caution is advised, but the long return trip home is a nice break after the climb.

Amazing viewsRefueling is important, and we found a store in Inca to do just that before beginning the journey back. Going through Alcudia may be a little busier, but it makes for a strong and picturesque finish along the coastline.

While the Orient ride may not have the highest elevation or the most breathtaking views, it is a solid mid-week session that is sure to help you connect with some of the more epic rides. It’s a moderate ride, considering the amount of hills that are available, with around 56-60 percent of the time spent on flats, including a healthy amount on the return trip.

Overall, the Orient ride is a hidden gem that is worth checking out. It offers a unique climb, beautiful scenery, and a chance to connect with some of the more epic rides on the island. Don’t overlook this ride just because it may not be as well-known as others. Give it a chance and you won’t be disappointed.

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