Race Specific Training Camps

Learn how to race and ride/run on the Ironman® Lake Placid course. Coach Patrick has held a camp here every year since 2004. We’ll be able to give you critical insights to make you race as best as possible.

We know these courses better than you know your own commute to work! Join us for a fun weekend of training and learning with other EN Members, Plan Athletes and Fans.
IRONMAN®  is a registered trademark of World Triathlon Corporation, is not affiliated with Endurance Nation®, and does not endorse or sponsor our products, materials or events.

Volume & Cycling Camps

Training doesn’t have to be all race info and disc wheels. You can ride uncharted terrain and push your limits all day before settling down for a beer (or two!) and a great dinner with friends. Enter the Endurance Nation Volume & Cycling Camps. No matter where you live or what you are training for, we have a camp for you!

Blue Ridge Cycling Camp

Build your endurance fitness in an epic East Coast setting. Based out of Boone, NC, campers will put in some great riding and running! This will be our fifth year of camp. Add the critical FAR to the FAST you have built all winter long. These camps are a great way to add serious fitness, since we take care of almost everything else. You simply show up and start working out!

Mallorca Tri Camp

The newest epic camp with Coach Patrick! It’s perfect for athletes looking to take their training and fitness to new levels — in a new place! Mallorca (Spain) is suprisingly accessible, and affordable once you are on the ground. You’ll swim, bike and run on this island paradise — in perfect weather — with Coach P and your Endurance Nation teammates!

Epic Triathlon Week

Coming In 2019! Join Coach Patrick and Endurance Nation for our first annual Big Triathlon Week experience. Over the course of five (5!) amazing days, we will support you as you swim, bike and run your way to new levels of fitness!

Member-Led Camps

There are many triathlon camps, but none are run by your teammates just for you! As a Member of Endurance Nation you’ll have a chance to sign up for any one of these great regional training opportunities. From Bend, OR to Aspen, CO to Moab, UT….you’ll test your limits, make new friends and build some great fitness for the season!