Too Much of a Good Thing in Mallorca

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The Mallorca camp offers a challenging ride that is a favorite among many cyclists on the island. Despite the additional logistics involved in a point-to-point ride, the experience is well worth it.

The ride requires an early morning wake-up call and a costly (time-wise) transfer down to the southern point of the island. However, once you’re there, after a quick bike check, you can start riding and explore the beautiful landscapes.

The ride starts with a few minutes outside of the town and into the early foothills around Andratx. The ride then begins its sawtooth approach to bring you all the way back to Port Piance. The total ride distance is just over 105 miles, including all of the exploratory jaunts down to the coast. Total elevation 13,500 feet.

A Rare Guard Horse

This year, we explored a back route to the top and even dropped a sticker there for Verge Cycling (@VergeCycling) to get people to explore. From there, we went down to the Port de Canoges for a quick check-in and then the Port de Val demossa for a well-deserved coffee break. However, they did not have enough to drink or eat at this point, which caused problems later on.

coffee stop views

Then we climbed up the Puig, which is a challenging climb on a good day. Unfortunately, some riders started to feel fatigued.

This only worsened as we approached Sa Calobra. Thankfully, we had hidden a Coke at the top for refreshment and readjustment. However, instead of just taking off for home, I headed over to a petrol station a few miles away and got myself an ice cream. I had been craving it for hours in the heat. It was a miracle.

The PacelineIt’s rare to have the ability to ride an entire mountain range in a single go without the painful return trip on the flats. This route ignores all of that and puts you in a position to tackle all the fun without any of the admin.

In future years, the riders would like to reverse the challenge by taking off from Pollenca and riding all the way down the coast to Andratx, picking up a shuttle back home or possibly even taking the train.

Both options exist on paper and would mirror the 312 route this year, which looks like a lot more fun. It stacks the harder climbs on the front end instead of the back and finishes with some of the best scenes on the island.

Without a doubt, this Mallorca Cycling Camp offers a unique experience that is worth every bit of effort involved in getting there.

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