2015 Chattanooga Race Camp Day Two & Three Recap

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Day Two – A day of options:

On the second day of camp, EN athletes had a lot of options for training. One group decided to ride the whole 116 Mile bike course, the next group decided to drive out to the start of the loop portion of the bike course and do two loops (which ends up around 100 miles) and finally there was a supported practice of the Chattanooga swim course so some athletes decided to do the swim course then do one loop of the course (around 47 miles.) Almost all of the athletes did a small brick run at the end of the day.



Pigeon Mountain Grill is a MUST stop on the course. Grab a snack, coke and snickers to power the second half of your ride. Friendly people, great service and hospitable to cyclists. At the same corner of the grille is a Pavilion. This is a great place to SAG your athletes. Keep their area clean and show them some love with your business. From the start of the bike course, Pigeon Mountain Grille is around mile 40 and 89 on each loop in Chickamauga, GA.




After the days training (and of course a pre dinner snack) Coach Rich spent time going over in greater detail how to race the Ironman® Chattanooga course so that Endurance Nation athletes not only know how to train in the rest of the weeks leading up to the race, but know how to execute the course. Other topics Coach Rich discussed:

  • Training with power and how to apply that to the bike course
  • Coasting and climbing and how to use that to your advantage over 116 miles
  • Bike gearing set up that is best for the course
  • Computer data fields
  • and much more!

Then it was off to a nice dinner to decompress from the weekends events, enjoy each others company. Blue Water Grill in downtown Chattanooga took good care of the Endurance Nation CHOOCREW.

Day Three: Long Run & Goodbyes


What better way to end a race camp than a 13 mile run at 7am. Coach Rich and 24 athletes headed out to the river to do one loop of the IM Chattanooga run course. With a quick throwing up of the EN gang sign, they were off.

After three days of on course training with Coach Rich, these athletes are ready to dominate the CHOO course. They will be joined by around another 15 athletes representing Endurance Nation on September 27, 2015 in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


From all of us at Endurance Nation, thank you for being the best triathlon team in the world!

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