Meet the Team: IM Coeur D'Alene and Buffalo Springs 70.3

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Meet a couple of team members competing in Ironman® Coeur D’Alene and Buffalo Springs 70.3!

Mark Hickman
(M 40-44) – IMCDA 

Greetings. I’m Mark, currently residing out of my Chevy Tahoe as the Army is moving me from Joint Base Lewis-McChord in WA to Alexandria, VA. I’ve been with EN for 3 years, this is my 3d full IM, and 2d at CDA(13′ (12:38),15′ (11:59 goal)) (IMMOO 14′ (12:05)). This is my first year with a PM. As a heavier fellow, I should find a flatter course, but as a Montanan, mountains are ingrained in my soul. Pretty stoked to getting it done! Pray for cool temps and tailwinds in both directions!!

JohnCulberson-BuffaloSprings.jpegJohn Culberson (M 55-59) – Buffalo Springs 70.3

This will be my third Buffalo Springs Lake 70.3, and it’s literally my new home course. I took a position at Texas Tech Medical School in Lubbock this year, and climb the canyons and battle the wind regularly in training. I have over 30 years of long distance triathlon experience, and I’m slowly building back my endurance after a bike crash last season. This is a “B” Race for me on the way to USAT Long Course Nationals. My goal is to access every bit of fitness by executing all aspects of the race to the best of my ability, given the conditions on race day. The heat and wind are unpredictable in the South Plains of west Texas, so no time goals here! This race always asks for no more and no less than everything we’ve got!



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