UltraMay Challenge: May 19th to May 21st 2023

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📣🏃‍♂️ Coach P’s UltraMay Plan: May 19th to May 21st 🏊‍♀️🚴‍♂️

Hey everyone, it’s time to dive into this epic challenge!

This is my fourth go at it, and I have to admit, I’m hoping I learned something from the past three years. 👀

Unlike previous years, I have built up my fitness early in the season. Only this time I am a little beat up!  I had the chance to lead cycling camps in Mallorca and Tenerife, and so my running mileage is not where I’d like it to be.

No worries though, my new shoes just arrived, so let’s see what happens! 👟

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The UltraMay Protocol

Here’s what you need to know about the UltraMay:

1️⃣ Challenge Level 1: 24-Hour Cycle, 6 hours of training.
You’ll be training for six hours straight within a 24-hour timeframe starting on May 19th. Don’t worry, you’ll be done before the second night, but expect some fatigue. You can choose any sports you like, just make sure the timing works (no midnight swimming, please! 😄).

2️⃣ Challenge Level 2: 36-Hour Cycle, 9 hours of training.
Ready for a longer challenge? This one’s for you! Nine hours of training spread over 36 hours. It’s not as crazy as doing twelve hours, but it’s still quite the accomplishment. You’ll start on May 19th and finish early enough on May 21st to enjoy church, a family outing, or just sleep all day. 😂

3️⃣ Challenge Level 3: 48-Hour Cycle, 12 hours of training.
This is the full monty, the ultimate adventure. Say goodbye to your May 19th training as you embark on a 48-hour journey. The Sunday sessions might hurt your soul a bit, but with proper pacing, nutrition, rest, and some good tunes, you’ll conquer this challenge. Power napping is a must!

The 12h in 48h Plan: Last year, I created a plan that minimized overnight training. Here’s the schedule that worked for me; feel free to copy it:

Friday (May 19th):

  • 20:00 – 1-Hour Run

Saturday (May 20th):

  • 00:00 – 1-Hour Bike
  • 07:00 – 1-Hour Run
  • 08:00 – 1-Hour Bike
  • 12:00 – 1-Hour Run
  • 19:00 – 1-Hour Bike
  • 20:00 – 1-Hour Run

Sunday (May 21st):

  • 00:00 – 1-Hour Bike
  • 07:00 – 1-Hour Run
  • 08:00 – 1-Hour Bike
  • 13:00 – 1-Hour Run
  • 14:00 – 1-Hour Bike

For the running, I’ll be hitting the open road, enjoying the spring weather. Probably should warn my neighbors about all the spandex-sightings that will happen.

As for the cycling, I’ll be rolling in TickTock in Watopia. Look for “ULTRAMAY 48h Challenge” in my name and feel free to follow along on Zwift. My username is usually P Mac™️ [EXN] if you want to follow me on Zwift or on Strava.

Excited to join the fun? RSVP, complete the challenge and earn some swag! 🎉

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