IM St. George 70.3

577 221 Patrick McCrann

Athlete Name: Bob Sherwood

Race Name: IM St. George 70.3

Year: 2024

Is IM expensive? Yes.  Do they put on a great race?  I have yet to be disappointed and St George was no exception.  Great venue,  beautiful course and dozen or so great people to race with all of whom I saw at least once on course and can’t leave out the cheering section.  The pros say St.  George if one of toughest courses on IM circuit and I won’t argue with them and I do enjoy a good argument. 

Swim – 62 degrees so a little chilly. I had Roka thermal wetsuit so after a few minutes of deep breaths no issues.  Water was clear plenty of room.  Goal time 42:30 actual time 43:00.

Bike – Scenic but hilly.  Everyone complains about Snow Canyon but plenty of other climbs to test your fitness.  Lots of downhills that test your nerves but nothing crazy.  Goal time 3:15 actual time 3:06.

Run – Brutal.  Hot and hilly. Two laps around city first lap I was right on schedule but heat and hills slowed me down.  I was able to push last few miles which to me meant I ran a good race.  Goal time 2:00 actual time 2:17.  2:00 May have been a little overly ambitious for conditions. 

Overall very happy with my race.  I missed a few key training sessions due to travel.  It’s very hard to outperform your training and probably impossible at St George.