EN Asks a Sports Dietitian – Laura Ligos, The Sassy Dietitian of Designed To Fit Nutrition

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Join Endurance Nation’s Marketing Director, Mariah Bridges, for podcast #658 as she virtually sits down with Laura Ligos – MBA, RD, CSSD of Designed To Fit Nutrition.

Designed To Fit Nutrition the newest EN Sponsor, dives into common issues humans face on editing their nutrition from a psychological perspective as well as practical tips and tricks for implementation.

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Key Talking Points:

  • Common Nutrition Problems Endurance Athletes Face
  • Do’s and Don’ts on what types of foods to fuel
  • Signs you might be undernourished
  • Injury Prevention
  • The mental aspect of making a nutrition change – The behavior models of change
  • How to get your family involved
  • Foods to implement
  • The attack of sugar on endurance athletes
  • How Designed To Fit Nutrition Works
  • How to attack your goals through Nutrition
  • (and maybe some shenanigans)



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