A Page from the Endurance Nation Manifesto on Winter Training

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Winter’s knocking on our door, and it’s high time we talked about seizing the opportunities it brings. 

Some of you might be tempted to kick back, considering it the ‘off-season.’ 

But I’ve got a different perspective for you – it’s called the OutSeason® approach, and it’s time you got to know it like the back of your hand.

The Foundational Philosophies of OutSeason® Training

Fast Before Far

I get it; you’ve been told that endurance equals long hours and endless miles. Well, here’s a curveball for you. 

Our OutSeason® flips the script. We start with speed and power. We crank up the intensity so you’re not just enduring; you’re excelling. 

But what about distance? It’s a byproduct of your newfound prowess. Besides…do you remember last year? And the year before that? You already have baseline volume in you!

Maximize Limited Resources

Time – it’s the one thing we can’t make more of, especially in winter. OutSeason® is designed that. 

We’re not asking for more hours; we’re asking for more oomph. 

Been stuck doing the 12-hour slog with diminishing returns? Imagine what you could do with just 6-7 hours of high-intensity training. 

We make every minute count.

Work is Speed Entering the Body

That slogan on our gear isn’t for show. It’s our mantra. 

The OutSeason® takes the icy grasp of winter and uses it to inject speed deep into your core. 

Every workout, every high-intensity interval, every strategic rest day – it’s all about making speed second nature.

The Final Word

When the cold winds blow and snowflakes start falling, don’t see it as a roadblock. View it as your door to something greater. 

The OutSeason® isn’t just another program; it’s your ticket to becoming better, faster, and tougher.

You’ve glimpsed the possibilities. Now, it’s time to break free from the old ways. 

Apply to join the 2024 OutSeason here. Not ready? Take the Free OutSeason course to learn more! 

With a dose of reality,


Coach Patrick