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The Ironman® World Championship 2016 is rapidly approaching. Endurance Nation is the largest and fastest online endurance team in the world, and nobody does Kona like we do! Meet our dedicated Kona partners. These amazing companies help make being a part of the Endurance Nation crew all the more fun!


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NormaTec is the leader in athlete recovery. Our athletes enjoy their boots as a way to be at their peak performance for every workout, every training day, every race. NormaTec uses compressed air to massage your limbs, mobilize fluid, and speed recovery with their patented NormaTec Pulse Massage Pattern.

At the Kona Race Experience Camp – NormaTec boots are on hand for our athletes to use at their leisure. What better way to make sure you’re race ready? Step inside the team and enjoy special NormaTec perks that only EN athletes have access to.

Coach Tip: These aren’t just for post workout. You can use them pre-workout, especially those taper sessions, to get primed. Grab a cup of morning coffee and put on the boots as you plan out your pre-race workout for the day! Please Note: Palm trees not included with every NormaTec. 




Endurance Nation athletes have trained their bodies to perform at their best. It is only natural that we provide them with the proper gear to withstand the race. Castelli is the Official Custom Race Kit for Endurance Nation Kona team. Sleek design, optimal performance capability and quality fabric, makes for the perfect kit to wear on the island.

While on the island, Endurance Nation athletes and Kona Experience Campers will enjoy special Castelli events, offers, swag and publicized opportunities.

Coach Tip: The kit is fantastic for slipping through any wind that Madame Pele can throw at you. Bonus that your shoulders won’t get fried. My family still talks about the time my race number was on my arm until May the following year…


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A key component to crossing the finish line is what is going on inside. InsideTracker provides sophisticated, science-based blood analytics, tailored just for our athletes. With personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, Endurance Nation athletes are able to optimize their performance with knowledge that puts them two steps ahead of the competition.

Athletes get their blood drawn either at a convenient location or a white-glove service at their home.  Within a week specific analysis are done using key biomarkers. Each athlete has their own dashboard to review results, read articles, get recipes and track their progress. We help them schedule their testing dates around their training for unique and personalized schedules.

With stellar discounts for the team, personalized knowledge, understanding of training and race day nutrition — it’s no wonder our Kona bound athletes feel so confident.

Even the stress of prepping for a big race can affect how you train – Stressed out? Cortisol and Creatine Kinase Play Big Roles

On the island they will enjoy lots of race nutrition knowledge and of course….. swag! When they arrive back home, they will test right away so they can recover perfectly and roll that fitness into the OutSeason®.

Coach Tip: Nutrition is the first thing to go when (1) you are traveling and (2) you are stressed. Lock in some good healthy food options early…fruit has tons of water to keep you hydrated, just stop eating it 48 hours prior to your race.


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Want to go fast? Faster? The fastest? Enter, Ventum Racing!

No downtube. No seatstays. No competition. Ventum created the ultimate triathlon racing bicycle using technology from fighter jets and Formula One race cars. Endurance Nation athletes are gaining speed with our Ventum Racing partnership. During wind tunnel testing, the Ventum One tested significantly faster than it’s leading competitors.  Tested against the Felt IA, Scott Plasma, the Cervelo P5 and more!

The Ventum One complies with stringent International standard ISO stress testing protocols; making it not only the fastest super bike, but also the safest.  This also means that the Ventum One has no issues being ridden on any outdoor road surface, or rear-mounted trainer indoors.
With Ventum as the official bike course sponsor for the IRONMAN® Kona World Championship for 2016 – EN athletes can expect nothing but PROfessional race week exclusive experiences!
Coach Tip: The more aero you can be in Kona, the better. There is none more aero than the Ventum, bonus is the integrated hydration. While you can’t run a disk wheel, racing wheels and helmets matter big time. Don’t worry if you don’t have the right gear, you can buy it last minute on the Big Island for a 200% mark up!!!  🙂



With ROKA by our side, EN athletes have trained in their wetsuits and will race in their swim skins.  ROKA is dedicated to empowering athletes with products that make them faster — faster than they were yesterday, faster than they were last season, faster than their competition.

ROKA also just came out with a run apparel line, that you can train in. We even find it’s good for casual wear!

Look for special broadcasting of swim course recon with ROKA!

Coach Tip: Kona isn’t a wetsuit swim, but a swim skin will keep you from chafing in the salt water and make you slightly faster. Besides, you’ll look badass and that’s half the battle.

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Everything a triathlete could possibly need or want can be found at – Not to mention, the best customer service you will find in the business. Endurance Nation is the Official Coaching Partner of and it’s been a relationship that has brought nothing but smiles.

Remember when you shop with you earn loyalty points – and those add up to some pretty amazing savings!

Endurance Nation athletes will enjoy a carb loading pancake breakfast with the owners and crew from TriSports themselves, like only the Kona IHOP can provide! Filled with swag, smiles and fun stories – the TriSports sponsored EN Kona breakfast is one of our favorite moments leading up to the big day!

Coach Tip: TriSports literally is your one stop shop for everything. Every time I go there, I find one other thing I’ve been meaning to get…and their customer support is incredible!



Don’t Get Beat by the Heat!  Mile18 created the ultimate heat-beating gear for running. Battle tested on the lava fields at Ironman® Hawaii! Take the Aid Station with you – The RaceSaver Bag™ allows you to carry ice between aid stations. Dramatically improve your performance by reducing the time gaps between cooling and refueling opportunities.

Hands Free – Extend the impact of every aid station by taking ice to go. Execute aid stations flawlessly using the patented leash system to transport your ice hands free. The RaceSaver Bag™ is ultimate race day advantage.

Coach Tip: Designed specifically for racing in Kona-like conditions, the RaceSaver™ Bag is an incredible physiological and psychological advantage on a hot race day. Racers in Kona will be able to pick one up at the Bike Drop Off line, but everyone else needs to shop online here.


Every single Endurance Nation Kona racer is equipped with their secret weapon. Stay tuned for more surprises and announcements coming to the Big Island. What will they test their next?

Need Lodging for Ironman® World Championship 2016?

Whether you’re on Endurance Nation or not, let us help take the ease off of where to stay and save you the cost at the same time. Affordable island housing for the whole family, with personalized shuttles to the action.

We take the guess work out of the island. Join us for exclusive sponsorship parties, pro athlete meet and greets, free swag, beautiful setting and much more!

– Mahalo!

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