The ULTRAMAY Plan for 2022 – Calling All Crazies

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Coach P’s UltraMay Plan: May 27 thru May 29

Ok folks, time to hatch this plan! This will be my third time around, and my least prepared!  Over the past few years I’ve done this event coming off of some solid early season fitness.

The trifecta of events from February, March and then into May. This time around it’s a little different — we were able to get to Mallorca for a cycling camp, but that means I haven’t done very much running. 

Got some new shoes in the mail today, so what could possibly go wrong? 

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The Specs

1 💥: 24-Hour Cycle, 6 hours of training.
Six hours doesn’t sound so bad until you realize you do it in 24 hours starting on Friday night…you’ll be done before the second night, but you’ll be feeling that fatigue for sure. Your choice of sports, but obviously the timing will have to work out (no midnight swimming please!!!).

2 💥💥: 36-Hour Cycle, 9 hours of training.
Nine hours puts you right in the mix of it. Miserable enough you did more than six and close enough to twelve that you might as well do it. Are you kidding those folks are insane! Starting Friday night, you’ll finish early enough on Sunday to make it to church. Or that family outing. Or to sleep all day. 🤣

3 💥💥💥: 48 Hour Cycle, 12 hours of training.
The full monty. The adventure of Friday night training is gone by the second evening…and what’s left isn’t enough to make you forget just how much the sessions on Sunday are hurting your soul. Pacing, nutrition, and rest is key to be able to go the distance. And lots of music. And power napping

The 12h in 48h Plan

I think last year saw me put together a really solid plan. I was strategic in the spacing of events to make sure that I minimize my running at night time, which proved to be the hardest part of the first adventure. Even though my town is pretty quiet, running in the dark is simply no fun.

The structure below keeps me running in daylight and maximizes sleep windows. Feel free to copy it!


  • 20:00 – Run 1 Hour


  • 00:00 – Bike 1 Hour
  • 07:00 – Run 1 Hour
  • 08:00 – Bike 1 Hour
  • 12:00 – Run 1 Hour
  • 19:00 – Bike 1 Hour
  • 20:00 – Run 1 Hour


  • 00:00 – Bike 1 Hour
  • 07:00 – Run 1 Hour
  • 08:00 – Bike 1 Hour
  • 13:00 – Run 1 Hour
  • 14:00 – Bike 1 Hour

The Courses

For the running…I’ll be outside on the road. Can’t beat the fresh air and this is a fun chance to remind my neighbors that yes I am that damn crazy and that I am 💯 ready for the zombie apocalypse. They ain’t ever gonna catch me.

For the cycling…I’ll be on TickTock in Watopia. I’ll change the end of my name to be “ULTRAMAY 48h Challenge”. And I’ll be cruising pretty easily. You can find and follow me on Zwift… my username is normally  P Mac™️ [EXN] (which I realize is not normal at all) 🤣. 

The Communications

We definitely recommend that you dial yourself into our Discord server for communication and camaraderie during the event. Yes, you can always post updates to the chat channel. But giving people the chance to drop in and just connect makes a big difference. If you are unfamiliar with the discord, there’s a good primer inside our Zwift resource area here:

>> Just want to join in the fun? RSVP here

I can’t wait to suffer and I hope you’ll join in…or at least join on Discord to heckle me onwards!

~ Coach P 

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