UltraMay 12 in 48 Challenge hosted by Endurance Nation

UltraMay Complete

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May 29, 2020

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8:00 pm

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EN Ultra 48 Hour Challenge – Complete!!

An unbelievable weekend of endurance is (thank you sweet tiny baby Jesus) in the rearview mirror! Many thanks to everyone who participated — and congratulations to you all. Finisher prizes will be shipped when they arrive (stay tuned) and we wish you a super happy recovery.  For those of you who missed UltraMay but want to join us next time (or for another EN event), follow the official Endurance Nation Facebook page.



What: Join us for 48 hours of type-two fun!

When: Friday May 29th @ 8pm EDT to Sunday May 31st @ 5pm EDT!

With so many events and training camps being cancelled, we decided to create an event that would give multisport athletes a chance to connect online and boost their fitness. We created a unique format with “relaxed” rules to make this event as accessible as possible to athletes of all abilities. 

The goal here is to challenge your aerobic endurance with micro-doses of training over the course of 48 hours.  We’ll do as much of this “together” as possible, using our Zoom account, discord and a Strava group.  By the end of the challenge you will have run for 6 hours and biked for 6 hours for a total of 12 hours of activity in a 48 hour window. 

Participants will alternate cycling and running for one hour, every four hours, for a total of 12 hours in training. You’ll effectively do the equivalent of an iron-distance race over the course of a weekend. Complete all the sessions to earn a finisher prize!

Guidelines / Rules

  • Every four hours, participants will have to complete one hour of cycling or running. No more, no less. 
  • Odd hours are bikes. Even hours are runs.
  • You only have to complete the run (or bike) within the 4 hour window. For example, an 8pm bike can be done anytime between 8pm and 11:59 pm.  
  • Bikes and runs can be done inside or outside…just choose the safe option.
  • No land speed records on the run, you can Run/Walk as needed…it’s an hour on your feet!
  • All workouts need to be posted to our Strava UltraMay invite-only group here.
  • Only athletes who complete 12 total hours of training — six hours on the bike and six hours on the run — will be eligible for the finisher’s award. 


  • All rides will be organized on Zwift.
  • Athletes should add [EXN UltraMay] to their last name.
  • We will be in Discord and/or Zoom during the Bike portions for those of you on Zwift.
  • Post pictures on Strava for each workout…especially those runs!

Red Neck Gaitor


  • Awesome custom BOCO Neck Gaiter (example above) as a Finisher Prize for completing all 12 x 1 hour workouts 💪
  • Started but didn’t complete the challenge? We donate your entry fee to charity! 😂

Register below and we’ll send you information and invite you to our private Strava group for tracking your data.

About Endurance NationCoach Patrick in Kona

Since 2007 we have been helping age group athletes achieve their endurance goals through coaching, community and education.  Led by Coach Patrick McCrann, 30-time Ironman finisher including 11 Kona Qualifications, TeamEN continues blaze a path forward for athletes in all disciplines from triathlon to ultra running to gravel cycling and unique enduro events.

“Current events have taken a significant personal toll on people across the globe, and athletes are no exception. Being active and fit is an expression of who we are, and finding a safe place to train and connect with our peers is very important. We are super excited to host UltraMay for multisport athletes from around the globe looking to replace a race or training camp. Anyone can join in the fun…the more, the better!”


Event Timelines


8:00pm Kick Off Bike Ride on Zwift


12:00 am Run | 04:00 am Bike on Zwift | 08:00 am Run Inside or Out | 12:00 pm Bike on Zwift | 04:00 pm Run | 08:00 pm Bike on Zwift


12:00 am Run Inside or Out | 4:00 am Bike on Zwift | 08:00 am Run Inside or Out | 12:00 pm Bike on Zwift | 04:00 pm Final Run


🎉 08:00 pm Zoom AfterParty 🎉

Sorry, Event Expired

Event F.A.Q

Are there teams?

No, everyone participates on their own.

Do we have to alternate bike and run?

No, but you need to do a total of 6 x 1 hour bikes and 6 x 1 hour runs.

What do we get for the $25?

If you finish the event by completing all the segments, you'll get a finisher prize. If you don't finish all of the segments, we donate your $$ to a great charity!

Do I have to workout on the hour for each four hour block?

No. You have four hours to complete each session. So if there's a 4am run, you have until 8am (the start of the next block) to get the run done. Plan wisely!

Event Location:

Total Seats: 100 (49 Left:)

Event Schedule Details

  • May 29, 2020 8:00 pm - May 31, 2020 - 9:00 pm
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