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We’re a Team of endurance athletes from all around the globe who train together online and race together in the real world. Zwift fits perfectly into our community, as it helps build a stronger sense of community amongst the Team. Bonus that we are getting fitter and stronger too!

Here are two articles that share how we have integrated Zwift into the Endurance Nation experience:

We support athletes of all ability levels. Our mission is to make the endurance lifestyle fun and accessible to all…including you! We hope you’ll join us on one of our signature rides (see below) or just say HI if you happen to see one of us.

Power User Tip: Change your last name to be “LastName [EXN]” so we can better find you in game! (aka Smith [EXN])


Our Weekly HangOn Workout Ride


The following is a list of our recurring rides on Zwift. You’ll find us racing & at all hours of the day with “#TeamEN” added to our last name, usually in the “Basic 5” jersey.  You can even follow us on Zwift via the Companion App to get notified when we ride.


  • 8:15 pm EDT — The Bump Sprint Race  

      • Leaders: None, it’s a race!
      • Description: Join Team Endurance Nation for this one lap race…do it right and you just might get that “bump” in your threshold power you are looking for. Show up warmed up, and get ready to drag race!


  • 9:00 am EDT — Friday Freight Train  

      • Leaders: Sid Wavrin, Nam Lam, Peter Noyes
      • Description: Join Team Endurance Nation for a great weekend “kickoff” ride. This session focuses on Steady State riding and is perfect for adding Base Miles or for Triathletes looking to add some steady time trial riding in the aerobars. All riders are welcome and be part of our riding community within Zwift.
      • Please Note: This is not a race. Stick with the Beacon!
      • Warm Up: 10 minutes with the Beacon at 1.8 to 2.2 W/kg.
      • Main Ride: Steady riding at 2.5 W/kg. Final average with climbing will be closer to 2.7 W/kg.


  • 6:05 am EDT — Team EN Hang On Ride (ZwiftPower)

      • Leaders: Coach Patrick, Tim Sullivan, Brian Hagan, Shaughn Simmons
      • Description: A “build” ride where the leader steadily increases the effort from 2.5 up to 3.5, with a final section to be No Holds Barred to the finish.
        • Warm Up: 10 minutes with the Beacon at 2.5 W/kg, then 3.0 W/kg steady.
        • Main Ride: Increase effort by each of three climbs: 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0. Then prepare for a mini race over the last 20kms!
  • 8:05 am EDT — Team EN Dial It Up To 11 Ride (ZwiftPower)

      • Leaders: Scott Giljum, Coach Patrick, Tim Sullivan, Shaughn Simmons
      • Description: Join Team Endurance Nation for a group ride where we start easy and then take this ride to 11!
        • Warm Up: We warm up at 2.5 W/kg for 22 km.
        • Main Ride: The leader will increase the effort first to 3-3.5 W/kg for 11 km.
        • Mini Race: At the leader’s call, we dial it up to 11 (full gas) to the end!


  • 7:50 am EDT — East Coast Cruise & Crush Ride 
      • Ride Leaders: Scott Giljum, Brian Hagan, Rob Sabo.
      • DescriptionJoin Team Endurance Nation for our legendary Winter weekend workout! This session combines steady state riding with high intensity efforts for Sprints and KOMs. We regroup by spinning easy after each big effort and continue on as a group. All riders are welcome to join this event and be part of our Winter community group riding within Zwift.Please Note: Riders must be BEHIND rider leader at the start of the Final Push to be included in final results. Watch in-game messaging closely for instructions during ride.
  • 7:10 pm EDT — The Bump Sprint Race (Weekend Edition)
      • Ride Leaders: None, it’s a race!
      • Description: Join Team Endurance Nation for this one lap race…do it right and you just might get that “bump” in your threshold power you are looking for. Show up warmed up, and get ready to drag race!

How to Get the EN Kit in Zwift

This kit is hot, right? I mean Texas hot. It’s fantastic, and we’d love for you to represent the Team when you cruise any of Zwift’s many virtual worlds. In order to get the kit, all you have to do is complete any official Endurance Nation ride. That’s right, pick your event from the schedule ^above^  and when you are done riding the whole time looking so good, you’ll find the kit waiting for you in your Zwift Garage! ????

EN Discord ScreenshotDiscord

Download Discord directly here:

Join us in our public channel [] — Please note, we don’t know you so please say HI 👋 and introduce yourself. If you are intimidated, message us “in-game” first using the chat function!


Need Help? Here’s a great set up video from Team ODZ that you can follow step by step on YouTube.

Help and Tips

There are so many great resources for using Zwift all across the web. Here’s an incomplete list, for sure:

Endurance Nation Specific Resources, available to EN Members Only in our Bike Wiki here.

  • Route Tracker Google Sheet (You’ll be prompted to make a copy to your Google Drive)
  • Getting Started with Zwift
  • TeamEN Rides on Zwift (Sunday ABP and more!)
  • Watch the Intro to Zwift Video with Tim Sullivan (approx 46′ long, video quality isn’t the best but the content is great!)
  • Zwift Coach Chat (December 2018)
  • Training Plan Workouts you can load into Zwift.

External Websites: