Mastering Early Season Cycling: Strategies for Training, Enjoyment, and Conquering Camps

150 150 Patrick McCrann

Ready to ramp up your cycling season with wisdom that could turn your pedal strokes into podium places? Get set to absorb the transformative strategies I’ve honed from the saddle, as this episode is a treasure trove for both cycling camp enthusiasts and solitary riders seeking to amplify their training. I’m spilling the secrets on prep work that’ll not only gear you up for intensive cycling camps but also magnify your cycling enjoyment throughout the year. From escalating your ride frequency without burning out to integrating core and flexibility into your regimen, these insights are gleaned from both personal trials and triumphs—like that grueling yet enlightening episode in Tenerife post-Mallorca.

As we spin through the session, I’ll unveil my personal tactics that marry the grit of outdoor rides with the sanctuary of indoor training, ensuring you’re battle-hardened for the season ahead. Discover how the ‘hour of power’ on Alpe d’Zwift could become your secret weapon, and why pacing yourself is the unsung hero of cycling success. I’ll guide you through crafting workouts that not only build endurance with long rides but also sharpen your focus with climb sessions, all while keeping nutrition and recovery at the forefront. Join me and let’s pedal into a season where you’re not just participating in cycling camps but conquering them with confidence and glee.