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Endurance Nation is proud to introduce our newest sponsor relationship–


One of the first online triathlon stores, TriSports has grown to become a cornerstone of the greater endurance community in Tucson, throughout the Internet and across the entire United States. If it’s for triathletes…it’s at TriSports!

“We are thrilled to be working with Endurance Nation, not only as their exclusive triathlon retailer, but also as their fulfillment partner. EN members will be able to get their EN gear and all of their other tri needs in one stop, saving them time and money. It’s a win-win for both organizations, and the crew at EN has been fantastic to work with as we moved towards launch. We look forward to now getting to work with the heart of their organization – the members!” – will provide a discount on non-EN products to members of Endurance Nation.

Discounts are applied to everything except what certain manufacturers restrict. All of those manufacturer deals can be found Here From time to time we will collaborate for large group deals for some of those restricted items.


Endurance Nation Store

In addition to being a sponsor of the team, will now host the Endurance Nation store helping with uniform fulfillment as well as sourcing race shirts, etc. More on this, including the formal launch of brand new, redesigned Endurance Nation uniform items, coming soon!

Take a Tour

We recently took a tour of their facility to see where the Endurance Nation store would be housed. If you are ever in Tuscon, Arizona we recommend stepping inside to experience just how unique the TriSports organization  really is.

Clinic Classroom Area

At first glance it is extremely clear that is not your average triathlon store. Not only do they offer one of the largest online stores but their local store in Tuscon, AZ goes above and beyond.




With a two lane endless pool on site, customers are able to test out wetsuits and swim gear, get advice on their form etc.


 is Riley approved is Riley approved employees are ready to ship your Endurance Nation gear with speed and care. The level of customer service and personal touch that is put into your experience from beginning click on the website to showing up at your door is top-notch.

Endurance Nation is committed to excellence on and off the triathlon course. With our new found partnership with we are confident the ordering process for EN gear will be seamless, professional and fun! We encourage all members to dive into their website and continue to support our sponsors. As TriSports says, Swim. Bike. Run. Shop. Loyalty Program

If you are a current customer then you know they offer benefits for creating an account and continued shopping through a points and benefit system. Their loyalty program is simple, to get started, create an account.

  1. To get started, go to the home page and in the top left click on the “My Account/Sign In” link.
  2. When you click “Sign In”, it’ll take you to a page that has a spot for new customers and returning customers. That page also explains the benefits.


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