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Must Have Gear for Your First Triathlon

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I recently did a podcast on the gear required to go from JV to Varsity level as a triathlete. As many of you pointed out, beginner triathletes could also use some help! Never fear…I broke out the Endurance Nation Time Machine to take myself back to 1999…the year of my first triathlon (I’ll spare you…

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Coach P

  Endurance Nation is proud to introduce our newest sponsor relationship–   One of the first online triathlon stores, TriSports has grown to become a cornerstone of the greater endurance community in Tucson, throughout the Internet and across the entire United States. If it’s for triathletes…it’s at TriSports! “We are thrilled to be working…

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Triathletes: Stop Shopping For Speed

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  photo credit: Håkan Dahlström The triathlon world is littered with expensive bikes and fancy gear — part of the undeniable allure of our sport, on some level, is in the gear. Sure there are many triathletes who do without, but most of us enjoy our toys. The funny thing is, almost none of these things…

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