EN “Teacher Workdays”

Patrick McCrann


Endurance Nation “Teacher Workdays”

While you may understand that a lot of hard work goes into being a triathlon coach, it is just as hard to keep a triathlon coaching business moving forward. In addition to the weekly team meetings we have inside Endurance Nation, we recently added what our Marketing Director, Mariah, affectionaly calls “Teacher Workdays”

Just as it is a necessity to be self motivated to train for a triathlon, we have to be self motivated to work everyday. We don’t clock in at a job, we don’t go to an office and we certainly don’t have a water cooler to discuss all of the latest interesting topics. No two Endurance Nation staff members even live in the same state! Most of our conference calls take place across at least three time zones. You get the idea.

The staff at Endurance Nation has self motivation in spades! The coaches train towards their goals, test new training methods, curate content, plan athletes training schedules, discuss injuries and training schedules and of course, endless amounts of pep talks.

The nature of triathlon gives our athletes  the chance to “reboot” in what the rest of the world calls an off season — but since inside EN we have an OutSeason® That doesn’t leave much time throughout the year to move large aspects of the business forward. Because think about it, EN staff season never ends. Ever.


What is the solution?

ENTER….. Teacher Workdays! Every so often throughout the year, school teachers get a chance to plan their lessons, get organized and look at their teaching year from a macro level perspective, away from students and away from their personal life. They can put themselves in a bubble to plan, work, and move big ideas forward.


So guess what we started doing inside Endurance Nation? 


Just that! Now every other month, we have a teacher workday. While we still have weekly meetings to check in with each other and discuss any happenings that we need to make decisions on and move balls forward etc, we now have a full day where we lock ourselves in a room and focus as a staff team on big picture items for the company and our athletes.

We take your feedback and make those actionable items throughout the year. Some aspects will be instantly visible, some you might not even know happened, but it is our hope that we continue to PR (little triathlon humor there) our work life goals and constantly improve.
If you’re interested in “how stuff works” inside the Team, just ask. We would love to continue podcasts and blogs on how we relentlessly pursue ways to make you a smarter, stronger and better athlete inside Endurance Nation.


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