Ironman Triathlete Eliminates Junk Miles to a 25 Minute PR! [A Case Study]

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Kori Maximizes Training Time for Great Ironman Results

Kori Crushes the Competition at the Hincapie Gran Fondo

Blessed Life Means Little Training Time

I have a very full life, having been blessed with three beautiful children, a firefighter husband, and a busy career in the engineering field. Maximizing my daily window of opportunity to train is crucial to my success as a competitive athlete. I needed a coach who understood this and could work within my life priorities and parameters.

Getting Time in With Endurance Nation

Coach Patrick is a busy husband, father, and businessman. He is also a very successful triathlete, so I knew he would be able to help guide me to competitive success while minimizing (or eliminating completely) the “junk miles”. With his coaching, I was able to improve both my power and pace numbers over the course of a season. Because of him, I finished 4th overall female and shaved over 25 minutes off of my previous finish times on my goal race!

Support Makes The Team

The team support from EN is unparalleled. There is so much wisdom and experience on this team that there isn’t a question I can ask that won’t be responded to with valid and data-based answers within hours. It truly is a “family”.

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