Your Winter Secret Weapon – How Endurance Athletes Should Train In the Winter

265 185 Patrick McCrann

Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation (www.endurancenation.us) for another weekly endurance podcast. This week Coach P’s theme is “Your Winter Secret Weapon!” Learn how our winter training protocols can help you improve. Coach Patrick also reveals that the Team will be closing on 1/31/19…so Become a Team Member. Key Talking Points include: Your Problems & Why the…

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Endurance Nation at Ironman World Championships

2018 Inside Endurance Nation

490 324 Patrick McCrann

What a year of growth and evolution Endurance Nation has had! Endurance Nation, the product, continued to evolve to meet the needs of the 21st-century endurance athlete.  If you thought it was hard to keep up with all of your workouts and races, try operating the controls behind the scenes. Our most significant step forward…

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The Ultimate Endurance Athlete Race Bucket List

800 434 Mariah Bridges

Raise your hand if you are addicted to challenges? Two hands if your challenges include endurance sports.  The Endurance Nation team tends to have both hands raised at all times. Inside the team, an Ultimate Bucket List has been forming (so large we can’t even share in its entirety), however, we thought we would share…

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Podcast: Ironman® Staff Athlete Program

800 800 Mariah Bridges

Join Mariah from Endurance Nation (www.endurancenation.us) for another weekly endurance podcast. This week we interview two wonderful ladies from the Ironman® Athlete Development team, Nicole Geller, and Amanda Leon. Key Talking Points include: Athlete Development Programs offered How to Volunteer How to get your triathlon club affiliated with Ironman® and much more! Additional Links and Resources:…

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Broken Fork

So You DNF’d — Now What?

768 574 Patrick McCrann

Image Courtesy of Buster Carbon Not finishing your target race of the season can be a massive blow to your endurance ego. Your ego doesn’t care how you DNF’d; it only knows that you failed. For days, weeks, and months you have built the fitness and the expectation that you would achieve your finish line. Now what? It’s time to make…

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2016 Ironman Wisconsin Race Report: Shaughn Simmons

150 150 Rich Strauss

Join Coach Rich from Endurance Nation (www.endurancenation.us) as he interviews TeamEN member Shaughn Simmons about his performance at the Ironman Wisconsin triathlon Rich and Shaughn discuss many topics, most notably how Shaughn handled an exploding cassette before biggest hill on the course, and how he then rallied to run a negative split marathon! Subscribe here:…

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2016 Texas Camp Day Two Recap

624 464 Coach P

The second day of training camp is always interesting. At camp dinner the night before there is much hemming and hawing as to which way people will go: ride the full 112 or shorten it? There is a mixture of curiosity, bravado, and a little bit of fear that makes most people push the decision…

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Winter Weather Wrecking Your Workouts?

Coach P

Regardless of where you live, or the environment in which you train, I can guarantee that the four seasons will bring a level of difficulty to your training that was unanticipated when you started. Here’s how you can realistically continue to stay and build build fitness as you deal with the changing weather conditions.

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