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What a year of growth and evolution Endurance Nation has had!

Endurance Nation, the product, continued to evolve to meet the needs of the 21st-century endurance athlete.  If you thought it was hard to keep up with all of your workouts and races, try operating the controls behind the scenes.

Our most significant step forward was a gigantic leap into the digital training arena thanks to our partnership with Final Surge. Now all Endurance Nation training plans are available to our members through the Final Surge mobile app, complete with Garmin/Strava uploads, custom Endurance Nation zones and our world-class digital resources.

Expanding on this partnership, Endurance Nation rolled out new membership tiers to make Endurance Nation accessible and effective for different athlete types. Do-It-Yourself athletes can access all of our plans and resources via the Plan*EN level. Hyper-competitive athletes are able lock in regular coach contact, race planning and fundamental workout analysis using the Coach*EN level.  Our most popular level of membership remains Team*EN, where athletes can use our plans and access the full experience of training and learning with the broader community.

We also expanded on our early push to get more triathletes training on Zwift. This year, we made sure almost all of our training plans had Zwift-ready workouts to download and use. Now we have three regularly schedule Zwift events where triathletes and roadies of all abilities can Register via the Zwift Mobile Companion app to ride with the Team every Saturday and Sunday. If messaging and riding isn’t your thing, you can join us on the Discord channel to talk and meet the Team! Of course, we haven’t forgotten our friends who love TrainerRoad with its clean and effective training interface; all of our key bike workouts are also available to members there as well.

To help our Members transition to these two new platforms, we rolled out the Official Endurance Nation Help Site. Making all of the answers to our most commonly asked questions, open and available to everyone.  

One of the more surprising improvements we made to our community of athletes was to add Chat Integration via GroupMe to distinct interest areas of our membership. This instant connection has helped to bring runners together for our Run Durability Program (RDP), unite riders looking to meet up on Zwift, and seen the birth of a very rowdy group of newly minted Ultrarunners.  

Let’s not forget the new training plans (Aquabike, Ultrarunning and Endurance Cycling to name a few) and our new learning content (Seminars and Coach Courses). We weren’t kidding…we’ve been busy!!

But we know we can do better! If you’d like to have some voice in helping us continue to grow and evolve, please take a minute to complete our annual survey. Your responses mean a lot, and you could be the lucky winner of Coach Patrick’s five favorite books he recommends for every endurance athlete.

While you are here, we wanted to share a few of our most popular pieces of content from 2018.

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