Four Key Endurance Paths Remaining in 2020

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Future Direction

As we cross through the midpoint of the year, it’s become very clear that Races or simply not going to happen this season. Many of you have made decisions about your year based on this information. My job as your coach is to help guide you to make decisions that align with your long-term goals.  Read on to learn more about the specific options you should consider over the next few months.


As we enter August, we have three months left until the November Outseason®  begins. This is the most important part of our season, and the time of year when we come together for focused quality training that will set the stage for a fantastic upcoming season.

Yes, short term concerns abound and may be more relevant than your long-term goals. We are here to help you address every possible situation, so don’t hesitate to reach out in your Coach Thread or using the chat button on any Endurance Nation page.

DIY Triathlon –

Timeline: Last week of August.

Since early July, a great group of athletes has been training together virtually for this do it yourself event. Rather than wait for another event to be canceled, these folks are rolling their own end of August event. That’s right – you are race director, athlete, aid station captain and motivational spectator!

We just rolled out a short course option. This means there are two distances you can choose from. The half distance is 2 km swimming, 80 km cycling, 20 km running. The short course distance is 1 km swimming 25 km cycling and 5 km running. Why all the Kms you ask? Because metric.

Tune in to my Wednesday Live Coach Chat on Facebook, and join our Facebook Group to get connected and stay on track!

Register online and you can even choose to get a great piece of finisher swag!

Best Bike Header

Best Bike Camp –

Timeline: Starts August 10th

This four week experience combines performance testing using INSCYD software with weekly lessons and group workouts.  Step one is captured the best possible picture of your current fitness with this leading-edge software. The next step is to educate you on how each aspect contributes to your total performance in weekly lessons.

You’ll complete group workouts to complement this learning. You exit with a 12-week roadmap of workouts to guide you on the path to improvement, including access to a personalized report and a members-only library of over 100 Zwift workouts!

Learn more, see Testimonials and sign up online here:

On the Run at Ironman® Texas

Fall Epic (Bike or Run)

Timeline: September or October

For some of you come up this year represents an opportunity to go beyond your normal limits. Without the constraints of races, you are free to pursue a bucket list fitness item. This typically falls into either the cycling or running category.

Cyclists might be thinking first century ride. Or first double century ride. Or maybe you are off-road this year and you’ve mapped out an epic backcountry journey.

Runners might be considering a virtual marathon. Or 5ok. Or even further!

Regardless of the discipline you choose, it’s critical to use your time wisely.  Lucky for you, and has training plans for some of all distances. Warm portly, we have the collective expertise and lessons learned from hundreds of athletes just like you. Even though you’re going in alone on race day, you don’t have to go in a long to get there.

Members can request a new Roadmap to get their training customized for their epic adventure.


Fall Durability

Timeline: August thru October

Feeling so epic these days. For many of us, just staying consistent is an uphill battle. Getting a workout done each day isn’t expected, it’s a small victory. But don’t despair. Consistent training is one of the fundamental building blocks of endurance fitness. Turn right, you can build conditioning and resilience. This will prepare you for when you are ready to get back to more aggressive training.

For those of you who are looking to continue this incremental and consistent approach to building fitness, Endurance Nation has several training plans for you (in convenient 4-week blocks).

  • Tri Durability 1, 2 & 3 = For triathletes staying focused on all three disciplines.
  • Run Durability 1, 2 & 3 = For the runners looking to set the stage for 2021.
  • Balanced Durability 1, 2, & 3 = For athletes looking to stay on top of their bike & run game this Fall.

All of these plans live in Final Surge, our digital planning partner. You’ll have them right on your phone (or in your inbox, or printed on your fridge).

Member of Endurance Nation? You can ask for help in your Coach Thread / using the Chat button on any Endurance Nation page.

Looking for Training Help this Year? Join our community of athletes for as little as $47 a month. We are training together – online – and staying motivated and connected for the future.

Together, we’ve got this!

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