The Ultimate Endurance Athlete Race Bucket List

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Raise your hand if you are addicted to challenges?

Two hands if your challenges include endurance sports. 

The Endurance Nation team tends to have both hands raised at all times. Inside the team, an Ultimate Bucket List has been forming (so large we can’t even share in its entirety), however, we thought we would share top few of the ever-growing endurance race must do’s, and ask you, which ones do you want to tackle?

Extreme Triathlon / MultiSport Events

  • Ultraman Triathlon.  A three-day stage-race style triathlon.  Held in Florida, Hawaii, and Australia.  Ultraman Canada became Ultra520k Canada.
  • Norseman Xtreme Triathlon.  Ironman distance with an icy swim and mountain climb for the run.
  • Wilderman Off-Road Ironman.  Tough looking MTB ride with river crossings and a bushwhack of a run.  Iron and half-iron distances.
  • The Leadman.  Complete 5 of the Leadville races culminating in the MTB 100 and Trail Run 100.
  • Celtman.  Triathlon through the Scottish highlands with cold water swim in a loch and run over two mountains.
  • Swissman.  A point to point race starting in the southern part of Switzerland, leading over three mountain passes to the central part of Switzerland and finishing with a final climb in the heart of Switzerland just at the bottom of the massive mountain backdrop of the Eiger, MΓΆnch, and Jungfrau. More than 15,000ft of vertical.
  • Austria Xtreme Triathlon.  Patterned on Norseman, Celtman, and Norseman.  Has more than 15,000ft of vertical.
  • The Brutal Extreme Triathlon.  Half, full, double, and triple Iron distance with 2,500ft of climbing per 29-mile loop on the bike and the run finishes by ascending the tallest mountain in Wales.
  • Powerman Zofingen.  The original, the unequaled, the unparalleled, baddest duathlon in the world.
  • SOS Triathlon.   The original bike, run, swim, run, swim, run, swim, run event.

Ultras / Running Events


Want to tackle one of these above? We would love for you to train for your next epic adventure with the team of Endurance Nation. 

Let’s cross them off together one-by-one

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