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Training for any endurance adventure takes time, money and patience to understand the best ways to execute the plan. There can be lots of data to look over, but sometimes, convenience is top of the list. Imagine having just the right amount of data, with the ease of an online and mobile app, having the control to adjust your daily training schedule without waiting, and of course, having all of those things in one easy-to-use home. Enter, Endurance Nation and Final Surge.


Author’s Note: Endurance Nation has partnered with Final Surge to host all of our members-only training plans (learn more here). Available on the web or via the Final Surge App, Endurance Nation members now enjoy a full suite of plans, calculators, and additional resources. Find the right plan for your next adventure online here.


What is Final Surge? How Does It Compare via Triathlete Magazine?

Final Surge is the training and coaching platform that empowers athletes and coaches to reach fitness and performance excellence like never before. Final Surge has all of the features you need to track and analyze your training, from communicating with coaches and planning future workouts to importing workout and GPS data from your fitness devices, including the Final Surge mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

For more information, visit their website for details.

The Benefits

  • Online plan for computer / smartphone / tablet.
  • Integrated with your Garmin, etc, for workout syncing when done.
  • Email notifications for workouts to your phone, never look up a workout again!
  • Integrated Endurance Nation training zones (calculate them before loading a plan) so the workout is super specific.
  • Easy access for Coach to review your data and make adjustments as needed.
  • You can go to yourself and create a free account to explore their platform if you like.

How To Access EN Plans? 

The Final Surge feature is added automatically on all new EN accounts. With three EN experiences to choose from, your budget and your schedule will love its flexibility.

  • Go to to choose your adventure and a pricing structure that works best for you.
  • Once you have chosen your EN experience option, you will be guided on how to submit your races for an ESR (Endurance Season Roadmap) that will tell you how to stack our training plans for your personalized season. Yes, that’s right, it is all personalized.
  • Depending on which EN experience you chose, you will be in contact with a Coach to further personalize and discuss your season, have access to the Team forums and our over 50 sponsorship discounts.

Have a listen to our weekly endurance podcast where we dive a bit deeper into the Final Surge partnership. Join Coach Patrick and Mariah from Endurance Nation ( for another weekly endurance podcast.

This week they discuss the interesting changes happening inside Endurance Nation and how they make training for your next adventure, all the more simple!

Key Talking Points include:

  • EN Training Plans  – New Plans added
  • No more buying one training plan at a time
  • What is Final Surge?
  • How does Final Surge work?
  • And of course, some shenanigans

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