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Better Endurance Nutrition [When Your Race Changes Course Sponsorship]

800 800 Patrick McCrann

The following is from our most recent Team Roundtable, we covered key strategies for optimizing endurance nutrition based on a detailed discussion among athletes and nutrition experts. Endurance sports, such as triathlons and marathons, push athletes to their limits, demanding not only physical stamina but also a meticulous approach to nutrition. Nutrition plays a pivotal role…

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Your One-Stop Endurance Training Data Solution: Final Surge

800 445 Mariah Bridges

  Training for any endurance adventure takes time, money and patience to understand the best ways to execute the plan. There can be lots of data to look over, but sometimes, convenience is top of the list. Imagine having just the right amount of data, with the ease of an online and mobile app, having…

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A Man and His Ventum

534 800 Mariah Bridges

The Surprise Ironman & Quick Fit It all started with the idea that having a race on the calendar would motivate me. Little did I know that I would lose track of time and wake up with only eight weeks until race day in a total panic. While this might sound normal to you, I…

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