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Endurance Nation has several tiers of membership to meet the needs of the most discerning endurance athlete. From busy professionals to time-crunched parents to members of the Boomer generation looking to put the hurt on their friends, we have the proven training plans and resources you need to be your best!

If you have questions about membership or any of the options you see here, please feel free to email us.


Coaching, Feedback & SupportPRO*EN ELITE*EN
Welcome & 30-Day Call with Coach Patrick
Personalized Triathlon Season RoadMap™2 per YearUnlimited
Monthly Live Coach Q & A
Coach Check-Ins
Connect with Coach Patrick in an on-demand basis to review your training and racing progress.
1x Per Year2x Per Year
Micro / Macro Forum Support
Discounted Training Peaks Account
For logging your training information; athletes can also use Garmin Connect or Strava if they so choose.
Pre & Post Race Consult
Connect with Coach Rich or Coach Patrick to review your performance and make planning adjustments for your next season or Key Race. Include Race Data File review if applicable (Phone or Email)
Free 30-Day Trial!Available to EN Members Only!
Sponsor DealsPRO*EN ELITE*EN
Industry Deals
Endurance Nation has an incredible list of products and services that our Members can take advantage of. Never pay full price!
Insider Deals
From time to time, Endurance Nation will have exclusive offers and deals for Members Only...these are typically significant savings and are meant to stay under wraps!
Free 30-Day Trial!Available to EN Members Only!
Training CampsPRO*EN ELITE*EN
Race Camp Discounts
Endurance Nation holds several race specific camps on key race venues each year. These three day camps are the perfect blend of learning and training to get you ready for the big day!
20% Discount
Cycling & Volume Camp Discounts
Endurance Nation has several cycling and volume-oriented camps to compliment your focused, in-season training. From riding the Blue Ridge Mountains to getting chased by the peloton in California, to escaping the winter in January for the warmer climates of Clermont...we have something for everyone!
10% Discount
Free 30-Day Trial!Available to EN Members Only!
Athlete Forums
More than 150 posts per day are added to our 30+ forums and groups. General Training discussions to Race Reports to the Injury Forum, Classifieds and Regional Groups across the US.  
Training & Racing Forums
Everyone inside Endurance Nation is organized into targeted forums based off of their Triathlon Season RoadMap™and Key Races. You’ll get critical updates relevant to your plan and event(s), and be more closely linked to teammates with similar schedules.
Key Race Weekend Events
From Team Dinners and organized Race Week Recon Workouts to Pre-Race Breakfasts and Post-Race Beers, you’ll have tons of opportunities to connect and share the weekend with your Teammates!
Team Challenges
Participate in monthly events designed to keep you fit, focused, and making new friends!  
Free 30-Day Trial!Available to EN Members Only!
Four Keys DVD
Our iconic race execution resource, this DVD contains more than two hours of educational content (and a few jokes!) designed to make you smarter and faster on race day.
Training Kit10% DiscountFREE cycling jersey, tech-t, hat, ~$100 value!
(At 6-month anniversary)
Racing Kit20% DiscountFREE ~$120 value!
Free 30-Day Trial!Available to EN Members Only!