A Personal Leadership Recap from Endurance Nation

800 451 Patrick McCrann

Happy New Year folks! I’m not one for resolutions, but a quick review of how things have gone in the last year can be super helpful.

2020 was a tough year, but there was good fortune along the way. 

👇 a quick recap…

  • 🏠 safe at home with family

  • 🚀 new tech stack for endurancenation.us
  • 🙏 created 1-for-1 program to support front-line workers
  • 🚴 launched BestBikeCamp
  • 💪 collaborated with new super humans
  • 💻 personal record for online mtgs

1) 🏠 managed to make work from home (like always) work with everyone else at home. we all stayed sane and managed to get out to explore every chance the weather was nice!

2) 🚀 updating endurancenation.us from architecture implemented a decade ago 😱 was no small feat. thanks to @genevachat and @CircleApp we have a 21st century unified digital experience.

3) 🙏 our 1-for-1 program made sure essential workers impacted by COVID could still train and stay connected as an athlete; an important mental and physical benefit. There’s still room if you or someone you know qualifies: https://www.endurancenation.us/promotion/paying-it-forward-to-frontline-workers/ 

4) 🚴 bestbikecamp.com blew up, with 47 athletes participating in sessions 1 through 4. Thanks to @INSCYD we have created meaningful change in athletes of all abilities. And we have a new innovation coming soon here as well.

5) 💪 finally connected with the amazing Matt Limbert who has brought a ton of energy, focus and expertise to the Team. 

6) 💻 found a balance between work meetings and social time, along the way setting personal bests for total time in video meetings. Learned to love the regular Friday Team MeetUp events.

Thanks for all your support and mojo as we continue to grow the Endurance Nation community 


~ Coach Patrick

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