Session Six of RocketBike is Open for Registration [Through mid-June 2021]

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Calling all cyclists, triathletes, gravel aficionados and mountain bike mavens to Session Six of RocketBike

  • Still looking to make improvements on the bike this year? 
  • Have a race in the Fall that requires peak fitness?
  • Stuck in a training run and need to break free? 

We know what you need because we’ve been there ourselves. We’ve also helped more than 50 athletes just like you make a quantum leap forward with their cycling fitness. 


🚀 What Is Rocket Bike? 🚀 

Rocket Bike is a 16-week accelerator designed to unlock your cycling potential. The experience includes testing, education, workouts, and group training. You will receive a personalized training guide that will fit into your existing training — or that you can use as a standalone program.


🚀 What is Session Six? 🚀 

Each cohort of RocketBike athletes is a “session.” This sixth session is perfect for athletes training for a fall race, significant endurance event, or world championship. We have just enough time to get you peaked for August, September, and October. 


🚀 How Does Rocket Bike Work? 🚀 

We designed this program to challenge and motivate you to new levels of fitness. Your journey begins with personalized testing. In the comfort of your own house, in Zwift, can you complete the INSCYD testing protocols.

The data from these tests determines the work that you will be do across our four-week cohort-based course. Y

ou will learn alongside other athletes as you master the fundamentals of training with VLaMax, new zones and work on improving your endurance profile to match your racing goals.  


🚀 How Much Training & Coaching Will I Receive? 🚀 

After the conclusion of the four-week course, you will begin your 12 week training program. During this three month program, you will have access to the coaches inside our online community space. You will leverage our library of RocketBike workouts to achieve your fitness goals on Zwift. We will help modify and adjust training as needed across this time to keep you on track with your season goals and constraints due to work and life. 


🚀 Why Do I Need to Apply to RocketBike? 🚀 

The RocketBike experience is unique for two reasons. The learning process combines weekly lessons with weekly training sessions to help you master new concepts. The cohort structure generates improved learning opportunities and accountability for all participants. Other companies and coaches test you and leave you with a PDF. For RocketBike, the test is only the first part of your journey! 


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🚀 How Do I Begin RocketBike? 🚀 

So glad you asked! Go to for the application and to learn more about the RocketBike experience. 

A large part of each session is structuring the groups to make them effective and compatible. Each session is the foundation of your experience; we need to get it right! 

See you at

~ Coach Patrick

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