Paying It Forward to Frontline Workers

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While 2020 has been a dumpster fire of a year for so many around the globe, there are millions of reasons why it hasn’t been worse.

And by millions, I mean the people who show up every day and help to keep us safe. Educated. Fed. Vaccinated. Whole.

We decided in mid-August to do whatever we could to support these amazing folks.

The answer became clear — as a community we can support these first responders, doctors, teachers, P.A.s — so that they can be their best in every other aspect of their lives.

Staying active and connected to our athletics selves is more than meditation. Sometimes it’s self-preservation.

More than twenty athletes who work on the front lines have come forward in the first two weeks.

We are on to something here, I can feel it.

And you can help too. For every person who signs up to train with Endurance Nation this Fall, we will be able to help another Frontline Worker.

  • Preparing for next year with a focus on running? We’ve got you.
  • Getting an early start on your triathlon training for 2021? Check.
  • Still planning something epic on the bike or the run? Let’s do it.
  • Everesting? ✅  Ultrarunning? ✅  New to endurance? ✅

You get the idea. We are an online community with a finish-line obsession. And we’re ready to help you achieve your goals.

Visit our pricing page and pick the membership that makes the most sense for your goals and budget. During our onboarding process, we’ll be sure to let you know what new member has benefitted from you paying it forward.

If you aren’t interested, or you don’t know someone who would benefit, then please do us a favor and share this post. Help us spread the word to those who can — and should — be a part of this project.

Sending you mojo to stay safe and healthy,

~ Coach Patrick


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