We believe in an anti-vanilla endurance world

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The time we have available to train and race is disappearing from our lives. Technology is crowding the fun and adventure out of our lives one app, email, and slack message at a time. You need to know — you are not alone. 

Why Are We ALL Stuck?

Because the “single-sport full-season” training and coaching approach is broken. Nothing about our daily lives resembles the world those methodologies were made in. This is why we are ⛔🍦 (Anti Vanilla) — we can’t stick with the ordinary, boring ways of training if we want to improve.

Endurance athletes of today lead dynamic lives at work, at home, and at play. We envision a world where training isn’t derailed, it’s simply re-routed. Where variety is celebrated, not factored out of your training plan.

A world where you aren’t stuck waiting for coach calls and expert guidance from on high; you are in charge of your training journey with support a click away. An online community where athletes collaborate to support, educate and challenge one another.

A place where experience > experts — we’ve moved beyond “what to do” and focus instead on “how to do it better” together.

Endurance Nation (EXN) has three unique solutions for endurance athletes looking for a better way.

(1) Connection: An always-on community of athletes and coaches ready with advice, support, and motivation.

(2) Tools: Training plans and learning resources at your fingertips – choose what you need when you need it.

(3) Direction: The Endurance Nation Roadmap. Like Google Maps, you can reroute, adjust and personalize your experience based on how your season unfolds. Race canceled? We got you. Revenge race planned? Easy. Late season adventure event? Count. Us. In.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of our athletes:

“Fantastic workouts that push just the right amount and that keep a constant balance between endurance and speed/power. Clear workouts that don’t leave you sitting with a calculator and a ton of files trying to figure out what is the intended goal of the session.” ~ Karl H from Dublin, Leinster

“I like the online forum, the Zwift riding group and the tailored training program.” ~ John B from Bainbridge Island, Washington

“Amazing network that’s super engaged, and takes it on as a responsibility to encourage and educate new members. Very inclusive, very much a team.” Rob T from Sheboygan, Wisconsin

“Great workouts. Great community. Great conversations around preparing for my first 70.3”
~ Stan H from Powell, Ohio

“I’m still new, but what stands out so far is: (1) the community of people and organized events which is very motivating, and (2) The training plans downloadable into Zwift and complete in my calendar giving me a view from now through my races is very different from other coaches who only give you plans for the next few days at a time. I like seeing and studying the big picture.” ~ David B. from Alpharetta, Georgia

Ready for a change?

Go to www.endurancenation.us/waitlist and sign up for early access to our winter training program, the OutSeason, that starts at the end of October. We’re ready when you are!

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