Winter Zwift Challenge Ride Series

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Four rides, one a month. November thru February.

The goal is to have you add volume to your OutSeason experience in a deliberate manner.  This is not a race series. It is more about suffering with others on the turbo as some find it difficult to do the long stuff on their own. 

Each ride will be an event in Zwift that you can sign up for as a member of the Endurance Nation Club on Zwift (join here). You can also do them on your own if your schedule doesn’t match. 

The Goal

The aim is to slowly increase the time in the turbo each month throughout the winter to complement the base training already being done. Join us if it fits! 

Staying On Task in Ride

There will be time bands to achieve gold, silver or bronze standards for each stage that will be defined before each ride. Stay tuned for updates on those; we will edit this post and announce it on our Instagram account:

Ride All Four Events + Earn Swag

That’s right, we’ve pulled together some cool swag that you earn when you complete all four challenge rides. You’ll need to 1️⃣ join the Endurance Nation club on Zwift (link above) and 2️⃣complete this form to be eligible for rewards. Here are the details for the rides.

Please Note: We will add more links as the events approach. 


7:05am ET / 7:05am PT
Achterbahn Innsbruck 47.38 km (29.4 miles) 973 m (3,192‘) 85% FTP target on Reverse Leg Snapper KOM
7:05am ET SignUp / 7:05am PT SignUp
The Pretzel Watopia 72.2 km (44.9 miles) 1333 m (4,373‘) KOM on Radio Tower segment (turn to top)
7:05am ET SignUp / 7:05am PT SignUp
Four Horsemen Watopia 89.3 km (55.5 miles) 2112 m (6,929‘) Volcano Climb KOM
7:05am ET SignUp / 7:05am PT SignUp
The Über Pretzel Watopia 128.3 km (79.7 miles) 2335 m (7,661‘) Match your PB up the Alpe du Zwift!


The Full Zwift Experience (Including Chat on Discord)

Depending how technologically oriented you are, you may want to chat online with people you’re riding with. You can do this in Geneva or we can also do this using Discord. Instructions for Discord live online ( Of course, you can always chat with us by text but your teammates will most likely be there talking as well!

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