Top Five Inspirational Triathlon Videos [For Emergency Use Only]

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YouTube Logo Mash UpWe all hit a point in our season where the work we’re doing seems like, well, WORK.

It’s a grind. Getting better isn’t easy. Getting incrementally better can almost feel moving in slow motion.

Improvement isn’t linear. Consistency rules. Racing helps, but regardless y0u still need to train.

To help you keep things going, here’s our top list of motivational triathlon videos.

Bookmark this post and refer back to it when you need a little pick-me-up. Enjoy!


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#5 – Obligatory Ironman Video (From 2013?)

The visuals are stunning, if you can stop looking at the athletes. No triathlon stage is bigger than this one!

#4 – TransCanada World Triathlon Edmonton Grand Final 2014

Because it’s not all about Ironman®. It’s about racing, it’s about representing, it’s about 110%. Great to see the elites and AGers battling here.

#3 – Ironman Europe Be Inspired Video (2012)

The building of a champion, as visualized by this mash up. Neat to see a European race…

#2 – A Father’s Love For His Son – Dick & Rick Hoyt

The Hoyt’s have inspired an entire generation of endurance athletes — and average people. We dare you not to cry…

#1 – Isklar Norseman 2015 – Bad to the Bone

This race is the definition of epic. Literally. Don’t blame us if you put this on your bucket list!

What’s Your Favorite?

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