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Mont Tremblant Breakdown – Biking 112 Miles on Race Day

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The Mont Tremblant Bike Mount Line As we prepare for another year of racing Ironman® events across North America, one of the hallmarks of the Team Endurance Nation approach is improvement from learning. Given we have more than 1,000 Ironman® finishers every year, we are able to gather incredible insights about each race course. Every…

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Episode 636 Interviewing Taren Gesell of TriathlonTaren

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  Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation ( for a special interview podcast with Taren Gesell aka TriathlonTaren. An emerging social media force, Taren is as funny as he is fast. We had more than a few laughs talking about “going public” with one’s multisport obsession. The conversation ranged from Ironman to an epic marathon…

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Staff Interview of Brenda Ross, Race Director

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Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation ( for another weekly endurance podcast. This week Coach P goes behind the scenes of endurance nation to interview our race director, Brenda Ross. A former duathlete who for 8 years before becoming a triathlete, Brenda has been a long-standing member of the team. As our race director, she combines…

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Top Five Inspirational Triathlon Videos [For Emergency Use Only]

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We all hit a point in our season where the work we’re doing seems like, well, WORK. It’s a grind. Getting better isn’t easy. Getting incrementally better can almost feel moving in slow motion. Improvement isn’t linear. Consistency rules. Racing helps, but regardless y0u still need to train. To help you keep things going, here’s…

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Meet The Team: 2013 Canada

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It may be mid-August, but there’s no sign of Ironman® races slowing down. On Sunday, August 25, a cadre of TeamEN members will descend on Whistler, British Columbia for a west coast showdown. The sold out Canada will be a test of might for the athletes, but as usual, TeamEN members are ready to rock…

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Meet The Team: Ironman® Mont-Tremblant 2013

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TeamEN will have 9 athletes representing at the 2013 Ironman® North American Championship Mont-Tremblant this Saturday, and they’re all ready to pound it through the Laurentian Mountains in Quebec, Canada. The weather looks great, though there is a chance of thunder boomers, but that won’t stop our athletes. Let’s take a look at some of…

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